Little Nightmares 2 guide: how to unlock all achievements

Agree that when passing any game, there is always a temptation to complete it 100%, and the recently released Little Nightmares 2 is no exception. Below we have posted a guide in which we will tell you how to get all the achievements in the game.

The hardest part is figuring out exactly what is required of the player, as all the achievements/trophies have rather vague descriptions.

Some of them are unlocked by finding all the collectibles, while others are small actions that you have to complete, like breaking the figurine, delivering the package, and more.

However, doing all this is not so easy, especially when hordes of monsters from the nightmares of the main character are constantly chasing you. That is why we will describe in detail how to unlock all the achievements in Little Nightmares 2.

Collection Achievements

  • Half Hat/Half Hat: collect 6 hats out of 12.
  • Far ahead / Far ahead: Collect all the hats.
  • No More Remains: Find all Chaotic Remains in the game.
  • How Do I Look / How do I look?: Try on the hat that you get after beating the game.
  • In The Palm of My Hand / In my palm: hold Six’s hand for 6 minutes.
  • Twenty-six / Twenty-sixth: call the Sixth 26 times.
  • Primetime Content Consumer: Unlock all achievements and then play the final again.

Chapter 1

  • Evasive Prey: Reach the Hunter’s house without ever falling into his traps. Tip: just take your time and, in case of death of the character, replay the level.
  • What’s In The Box/What’s inside: Open the refrigerator in the Hunter’s house.
  • Fair Prey: Kill the Huntsman with the raccoon hat.
    • The hat itself is located in the hallway, opposite the dining room.
  • Wild Kids/Wild Children: find all the chaotic remains in the Wasteland.
  • Foraged: Complete the first chapter.

Chapter 2

  • Referee/Judge!: run under the football goal in the school yard in a torn ball:
    • The torn ball can be found in the dumpster at the entrance to the School.
  • Fly Free: Go to the Bully room where you will find a paper airplane. Launch it through the window through which the main characters entered the School.
  • Bully of Bullies: During the lesson, lure the Hooligans into the next room and drop the wardrobe on them.
  • Merciful Feat: Do not kill the punished Hooligan, but simply take the piece of pipe from him.
  • Mono Tones: At the end of the chapter, you will see a piano. Go through his keys back and forth.
  • School Kids/Children at school: Find all Chaotic Remains in the School.
  • Schooled: Complete the second chapter.

Chapter 3

  • True Colors/True Colors: find raincoat Six.
  • X Best Friends: When you are in the x-ray room, turn it on, take Six by the hand and stand in front of the screen.
  • Toys Are For Kids: Burn the teddy bear from the children’s room in the oven on the bottom floor in the teddy bear’s head.
    • The teddy bear’s head is on a cupboard in the children’s room of the Hospital.
  • Popcorn/Popcorn: In the lobby of the hospital you will see an elevator. To his left is a wheelchair, and next to it is a head of corn. Throw it into the oven where the main characters used to burn toys.
  • …And Stay Dead: Hit the dead arm 3 times.
  • Objection: remember the room Mono gets into through the vent? There, near the bed, lies cheese – take it. After that, go to the passage behind the door outside, and you will fall into a secret room, on the floor of which there is a hole. Throw cheese at it.
  • First Do No Harm: After the Doctor is trapped in the furnace, don’t burn him. Just leave.
  • Medicine ball: Escaping from a swarm of Patients, you will enter a room with a ball. Throw it into the hands of one of them.
  • Hunger/Hunger: In the Hospital Reception, use the vending machine until it runs out of snacks.
  • Sick Kids: Find all of the Chaotic Remains in the Hospital.
  • Hospitalized: Complete the third chapter.

Chapter 4

  • industrial mail: During the second elevator puzzle, you need to put on your cap and go to the dump that has formed in the garbage chute of one of the houses. Find a suitcase there, take a parcel from it and insert it into the mailbox to the left of the elevator.
  • Unlady Like: When Mono climbs into the neighboring house on a rope, you need to get out and go to the second window. There you will find a secret room with the statuette of the Lady from the first game. Break it to unlock the achievement.
  • Pale Kids: Find all Chaotic Remains in the Pale City.
  • Paled: Complete the fourth chapter.

Chapter 5

  • Signal Interruption / Signal Interruption: complete the fifth chapter.

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