Developers from the studio Jutsu Games wondered what GTA might look like if the events took place in a medieval setting and decided to bring the idea to life. The emphasis in Rustler is on the humorous component, which the team makes clear even in the video before the start of the game.

The main character, whom we have to play, is an ordinary robber who tries to find success by doing dirty work for his employers and turning his own shenanigans with friends. At the same time, he manages to take care of his mother, who requires him to work in the field.

The gameplay allows the player to steal other people’s horses, fight, escape from local law enforcement officers’ pursuit, and participate in a medieval town competition. Everything is played in a humorous way, which often gives out vulgar jokes in the player’s nose quite directly, but it can also present something interesting for a more mature gamer.

While the game is in early access and has some control problems, it is not very convenient to fight battles or hold down some keys without losing the quality of character control. Still, with proper settings, problems can be avoided.

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