Looking at gameplay with Punishing Gray Raven CBT: Honkai Impact 3rd cousin?

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The Punishing Gray Raven CBT has now begun; many testers are already posting gameplay, which we will talk about. The local setting is post-apocalyptic. We cut metal enemies from the third person. The combat looks cool: our character jumps and teleports; in this regard, you can remember Spider-Man on PlayStation 4. Anime style, between battles the game turns into a visual novel. For more effect in battles, you need to make huge combos (hello, Devil May Cry).

The interface is minimalistic, dialogues can be skipped. In general, the project will go to those who like Honkai Impact 3rd. You see, some people think that Genshin Impact is child’s play. If you think the same way, then the image of a waifu with a katana sticking out in his hand will definitely come to you.

Punishing Gray Raven will be released on iOS and Android. While the project can be checked out in Taiwan. The global release should be expected in the third quarter of 2021. This is a shareware project with gacha elements.

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