Looking at the gameplay from the PTA Apex Legends Mobile, how to play now? (instruction)

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Electronic Arts has finally launched a CBT for Apex Legends Mobile. This did not happen in all countries, so players from the CIS have to wait. This is the first testing, in the future the developers (Respawn Entertainment) will add new regions, as well as support for iOS (yes, now you can only play on Android). In fact, this is the old battle royale, only adapted for smartphones and touch screens. Before the start of the match, we choose a character (Bloodhound, Lifeline and Gibraltar will be the first to be available).

Third-person gameplay, at least by default. Our task is to survive together with the squad. Graphics are relative, sounds of weapons are so-so. Reminds PUBG Mobile, only in the future. Often the character (Gibraltar) covers the enemy with his model; it makes it impossible to aim properly.

How to get on the Apex Legends Mobile CBT?

  • Register an account in India or the Philippines
  • To be sure, we cut VPN
  • Pre-register on Google Play
  • Wait for notification about the start of the beta test

It is worth noting that you can only take part in the CBT by invitation. The number of participants is limited, but so far Electronic Arts has not shut the doors.

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