Looking at the trailer for Tencent Games’ anime RPG Alchemy Stars, should we expect a global release?

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Edition MMO Culture gave some good news for everyone who loves Japanese RPGs: Tencent Mobile is working on one. It is called Alchemy Stars. For the first time they started talking about her a few months ago. Players will experience turn-based and probably automatic battles in the small Arena; it looks more like a dance floor than a place to show off relationships with monsters. We should expect cute waifu and gacha elements. There are more than 80 chan in the game. They belong to different factions.

Each character has its own element (hello Genshin Impact). It depends on which cells it will show itself better. You can do a combo that will increase the damage. The main goal is to survive all the waves of enemies. If you get bored, you can speed up the game twice or even automate all the processes.

Alchemy Stars will be released on iOS and Android. The project will first go through a closed beta in Japan, followed by a global release. In general, Tencent wants to launch the game all over the world: in Japan, Asia, North America and Europe. It will be a shareware project with microtransactions.

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