Looking for mobile shooters: what to play besides COD and PUBG?

Hello mobile gamers, with you AppTime Media… Do you agree that there is no life beyond the Moscow Ring Road? Are there shooters besides Call of Duty and PUBG? I will answer this question in this video. We’ll go through a list of new and unpopular shooters. Is there a diamond among them, or is it better to deposit money to Bobby Kitty? We’ll find out now.

Modern gun

First on the list is the Modern Gun. This is an alternative to Counter-Strike with customization of the interface, graphics and daily rewards in the form of skins. The project is divided into seasons, it also takes into account your statistics, or rather, CD. There are not so many modes: team fights and a detachment, and there are three maps – the market, the suburbs and the metro. Why, then, is it a distant cousin of CS? It’s simple: some places on the map resemble Dust 2, the same goes for fighter models.

What’s the gameplay? Only the weapons stand out from the graphics, including the familiar AK-47. Since auto-aiming works on the body, it is not difficult to make a kill. Note that there is no temporary immortality, so be on the lookout. On a pleasant note, I would like to point out that I got points not only for a kill and a headshot, but also for support. And yes, if you are not in combat, you get a hill and quite fast. Cons: no chat, no grenades, no friends list and no joining a squad. You can try it yourself by downloading the project through Google Play.

The Sun: Key of Heaven

Dedicated to Stalker fans – the creators of The Sun: Origin have released a sequel, Key of Heaven. This is a “survivor” with missions, hunger, radiation and a small backpack. The characters speak Russian, and also sit around the fire and tell stories. As for the weapon, it has stats on accuracy, damage, rate of fire, type of bullets and others. By the way, NPCs react to whether you have a firearm in your hand or not, and ask you to remove it if you want to talk.

The developers also added a map with a compass and time of day. On the PDA, you can see icons for quests, hiding places, merchants, enemies and other guys. The graphics, of course, are at the level of the same Stalker, or maybe a little worse; also NPCs are similar to each other, at least in the first camp. By the way, you need to reload the barrel through your inventory, and enemies can cause bleeding. Among the shortcomings, I note the oak animation, the absence of anomalies and online features. But the game is worth its 15 rubles.

Project M

Until Riot Games released Valorant Mobile, we are playing Project M. This is a hard-core clone from NetEase with dotted graphics and 60 FPS. There are regular battles and ranked battles to choose from, and awards are also given for the first seven days. The familiar 5-by-5 ​​clearance is striking from the regimes. As for the heroes, they differ in roles and skills, for example, there are prototypes of Hanzo and the Reaper from Overwatch.

Now about the gameplay: in cooking mode, you are offered options for assemblies, among them an emphasis on armor, an eco-round, or something in between. By the way, you plant or defuse the bomb yourself, no short rounds, like in Standoff 2. All weapons are futuristic, you can inspect them, which hints at skins. Recoil, by the way, is also there, although the animation is clumsy. Well, for the campers to note: the sniper was added and it takes out from the first cartridge. As for the availability of the game, while we are waiting for it at least in Asia.

The origin mission

Well, now we have a real Counter-Strike clone – The Origin Mission. It has Dust 2, only redesigned for an Italian city, not an Arabic one. And yes, some places look even better than Valve’s. Of course, the main mode is the planting of the bomb. Before the start of the match, you can warm up and make a purchase, this time with small recommendations on individual items. The animations are cool, and at the end of the round they even bring out the best player with his merits, like: “He took out 60% of the opposing team.”

From firearms in The Origin Mission there are rifles, pistols, machine guns, snipers and even grenades. The interface, by the way, is made at a height and even though it is a CS clone, it is pleasant to play it. We are also promised different modes, which are divided into casual and competitive. So far, we have a team deathmatch and demining with different maps. The game was beta tested in the summer, maybe even now, but definitely not on all devices.

Bright memory mobile

Bright Memory is the fourth most popular game on TapTap. What is the reason for this? In essence, we get a shooter with a plot, which graphically resembles the restart of Lara Croft. The developers have added cinematics with good acting. In general, the animations and pictures are excellent, this also applies to the interface, which is made in the style of The Division. By the way, the enemies are not operatives, wolves, mutants and some kind of cultists. Our heroine is also not a bastard – she can tear down barricades, swing a sword, jump back and use skills.

Even in Bright Memory, they brought jumping up the ledges and overcoming gorges with the help of a grappling hook. But that’s not all: the character can be pumped, there are three categories to choose from: strength, skills and abilities. You can increase your movement speed, backpack capacity, protection, and more. You will need this in fights like DOOM: you are locked in a small arena and you survive without forgetting about the fire traps. And yes, the locations are scripted, so expect falling rocks, double jumps, and even Skyrim-style puzzles. Should I take it? Definitely, although this is a premium project.

Era Combat

The hour of truth has come – we are moving into the arena shooters zone like Quake and DOOM. All in all, Era Combat has it all: futuristic locations, guns, vertical gameplay, and even a hand-held chainsaw. After removing your opponent, greenish blood remains on your helmet, which is washed off in the same way as in Star Wars Republic Commando. In addition, there is also a rocket salvo and various buffs scattered around the map. They can double the damage and even set the enemy on fire.

As for the modes, the main one is hunting for trophies in the “3 on 3” format. You need to destroy the enemy and pick up a military token from him. You also need to complete missions and run on different maps with auto-aim enabled. Of the interesting points, I will single out the presence of jetpacks, although there are no social features, only the leader board. Worth trying? Yes, an early version is now available on Google Play.

Call of guns

Well, Call of Guns will work even on weak smartphones – although 60 FPS and ultra settings are available in the game, character models and maps are simply pasted over with polygons. There are four modes, which is already pleasing – this is a team and solo deathmatch, domination and battle royale, although the latter has not yet been added. You will have to play solo, using a firearm or melee weapon in the arenas. I will say this, the shooting animation is clumsy, and the damage, compared to the enemy’s HP, is scanty.

Of the pluses, I will note the Russian language and the leveling, which depends not only on victories, but also on merit on the battlefield: a series of murders, first place, perfect accuracy, and so on. Also, for increasing the level, they give abilities, such as heal or sprint. By the way, you can hang a body kit on a weapon, it gets out of the loot boxes and directly affects your stats. For example, you can increase the range of damage, but reduce the accuracy of fire. What can I say? The game is cool, but incomprehensible for weak smartphones, especially since it has become the editorial choice in TapTap.

War In Arms: Prime Forces

Want Rainbow Six on mobiles? Get War In Arms. In it, soldiers die from several bullets, you can peek around the corner, destroy walls with grenades, set up barriers and control drones. For some reason, the developers have not removed the “friendly fire”, so you can hurt an ally. The animations are still weak, also concerns the graphics. The game undergoes alpha tests that are only available to Patreon subscribers.

The developers promise fights in narrow corridors, as well as extensive customization of weapons. So far, we have added mine clearance from the modes, and it’s every man for himself. Different characters have their own appearance and role. The project is crude, so for now the creators are happy with such moments as the loading screen and the revival at various points. The maps may seem small, but they are three-tier, plus you can place sticky bombs in inconspicuous places. Bottom line: This is the only normal alternative to Rainbow Six, so far beyond the reach of mortals.

World war 2

One of the last games on our list is World War 2. In appearance, it does not support 120 FPS. In general, in it we choose the side of Germany, the USSR, the USA or Japan. Up to 10 players can be in one match, plus they are given six modes to choose from: team deathmatch, capture the flag, only at knives, every man for himself and others. Weapons, unfortunately, are divided by rarity and level of pumping, the developers have also added snipers. Before the match, you can choose an attachment, which consists of both typical rifles, pistols and knives, as well as abilities, for example, to cause interference on the enemy’s map.

As for the gameplay itself, the locations and graphics are reminiscent of the first Call of Duty. Explosions are taking place in the background, and soldiers are running through the trenches. The sound of the weapon is mediocre, but with one grenade you can pick up an entire squad. In general, heals, fragmentation and smoke grenades must be purchased before the match, just like with cartridges in World of Tanks. Of the minuses, you can see the aim, which allows you to target the enemy even through smoke and the dominance of Donat.

Project RIP Mobile

Well, in the end I have Project RIP Mobile. This game is not like all the others that were on our list. See, if you want cool graphics, a single project and many difficulty levels with bonuses and additional rewards, this is the game. Basically, you run across a large map and smash the dead using a shotgun. Ragdoll and physics are there, so they fly apart or roll down the slope. As far as the map and gameplay are concerned, this is some kind of mixture of Outlast and Killing Floor.

As for the gameplay, we spread several waves of enemies, while they can spit poison. The developers promise three types of missions and as many arenas, six perks and eight characters. Of the online features, there is a board of honor, and a cross-platform one. In addition to firearms, edged weapons were added, starting with a knife and ending with a katana. Well, the cherry on the cake is a dismemberment in all its glory.

And that’s all for me, dear friends! Thank you for watching to the end, like and subscribe to the channel. See you soon, so see you soon!

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