Lost Ark – Reaper Joins Assassin Archetype In April

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MY.GAMES has officially unveiled the next major Reaper update for the Russian MMORPG Lost Ark. The update will be released on April 21 and will add a new class of the same name to the game, which belongs to the assassin archetype. The reaper fights with daggers, uses poisons, and also knows how to become invisible by summoning a shadow double.

Of course, the new class is not the only innovation in the update. Elins Island will be added to the game, which has become the site of unexplained events. Eyewitnesses talk about numerous flashes of lightning and explosions coming from the shore, and some even mention UFOs.

In addition, a ghost ship “Leviathan” will appear in Lost Ark, with which it will be allowed to fight only a few times a week. The likelihood of obtaining the “Leaves of the World Tree” when engaging in craft will increase. The Akrassia Express missions will be extended. Publishers will reveal more details about the “Reaper” update later.

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