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Lost Empires – a strategy like Age of Empires?

Lost Empires mobile strategy has appeared in some countries. So far, this is an early launch in Asia, but you can try it already. In terms of surroundings, it is close to Age of Empires.

Lost Empires strategy allows you to return to the Middle Ages to build your Empire. The game has nice pixel graphics, as well as an uncluttered interface. At first we only have the town hall, then we cut down trees and erect other buildings. You can already get millet and other resources from them. Sometimes they will attack you, for this we erect barracks and train soldiers.

Lost Empires surprises with its elaboration. It seems to be a mobile strategy, but at first glance it is far from typical mobile phones (hello, The Walking Dead). In terms of style, it is so generally reminiscent of Age of Empires. The developers offer four civilizations and real-time battles.

You have to explore the territories covered with the fog of war. If you do not have enough of your strength, then you can enter into an alliance with players around the world. Download this and other games through our Telegram channel

Google play (Philippines)Down-load a game

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