Luke is the last character in Street Fighter V – He will play a key role in Street Fighter 6

It looks like Street Fighter V’s long history is coming to an end. The 45th playable fighter named Luke has been added to the fighting game, which is the last in the game. It will be received for free by Premium Pass and Character Pass holders, while the rest can be purchased for 100,000 Fight Money or $ 5.99.

While there hasn’t been an official announcement for Street Fighter 6 yet, Capcom has effectively confirmed its development. The press release states that the new character will play a key role in the next game in the franchise. Apparently, we will be able to see Luke in the main storyline of the sequel.

In Street Fighter V, Luke’s gameplay is focused on an offensive style, offering a variety of offensive options. For example, Flash Knuckle is a very effective finishing combo, where each hit button results in a different attack. For ranged combat, he uses a projectile called Sand Blaster, which allows him to release energy from his hands. Luke also has a unique V-system that fills his V-timer when dealing damage, encouraging an offensive playstyle.

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