Mafia 3 download torrent For PC

Mafia 3 download torrent

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At the same time, a shooter with an amazing storyline and a car simulator, and we are not talking about the well-known GTA. game mafia 3 download very easy and simple – you do not need to register, but just need to click on a special button on the site.

Gameplay Mafia 3

The game is an action adventure. The camera in the game is located in the third person. In the process of passing the game, the main character will have to use the car more than once. The scene is New Orleans along with the surrounding territories. Time of action – 60-70s of the 20th century. And our main character will be Lincoln Clay. Movement in the game is available not only by car, but also by boat. The story will play a major role in the creation of the game. At the same time, there will be more freedom in terms of gameplay. The player will be able to capture enemy territories, taking them under his control and subduing. Friendly lieutenants, you can turn to them for help. The trust of the allies will have to be earned. This is achieved by completing tasks from them. There will be no multiplayer for the story. The storyline is designed only for the passage of one player. The game world has become completely open. There were side tasks, street races and quests to capture enemy points. Time in the game goes on as usual, and day follows night. The weather is also changing. During the chase, the player does not have to suffer for a long time to aim. The game uses “smart aiming” technology. It allows you to shoot directly at the enemy. The game world will be divided into regions. Moreover, the game city is strikingly different from its real prototype.


If you have been playing Mafia games for a long time, then you probably don’t think at all whether you should or shouldn’t download mafia 3 via torrent on PC. However, if you still have doubts, then let me tell you about the plot. State of Louisiana. Our main character is an orphan. The purpose of his life is to find a family. Going to the war in Vietnam, he finds it in the face of his comrades-in-arms. However, the army and the war do not affect anyone positively. Her horrors greatly changed the consciousness of the young man. He became unimaginably cruel. Upon returning to his homeland, Clay realizes that the people are calling him and his army comrades killers. In the city itself, racial discrimination and mafiosi reign. One day he gets into trouble with the Italian mafia and gets a head wound. Clay survives, and has since vowed to himself that he will put an end to racial discrimination once and for all, and will also take revenge on his offenders. Now he himself is the head of an organization that looks like a mafia group. His main assistants are Cassandra, the head of three bandit groups, and the main character of the previous part of the game, Vito Scalett. And they became a new family for our main character, which he always dreamed of. For them, he is ready for anything.

Mafia 3 Characters

The main character of the game is Lincoln Clay, whose life story we learn during the passage of the game. He is of mulatto origin. The protagonist of the previous part, Vito Scaletta is a respected member of the mafia founded by Italians and Americans. At the start of the game, he is 43 years old. Burke and Cassandra are the heads of gangs and friends of the protagonist. Sal Marcano is the main enemy of the protagonist, also the head of the mafia.

Reasons to play Mafia 3

  • Players will most likely be able to find out the answer to the question of what happened in the final of the second part.
  • Great atmosphere for the game. It was created correctly. The developers were inspired by the works of cinema and literature that are dedicated to the mafia.
  • The player has the opportunity to independently create their own criminal organization and expand its sphere of influence.

    System requirements

    • OS: Win Vista 32, Win 7 64
    • Processor: Intel Core i5-660 3.33GHz, AMD Athlon X4 730
    • Op.memory: 4 GB
    • Video card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 960 2GB, AMD Radeon R9 280
    • Space: 35 GB


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