Mafia: Definitive Edition – How to Complete Race Mission on Classic Difficulty

One of the most annoying missions in gaming history is somehow made even harder in Mafia: Definitive Edition. With the release of the remake, many users wanted to re-experience the unrivaled atmosphere of the series by playing on the classic difficulty level – the highest in a video game, as it gives Mafia an extraordinary realism, but something went wrong.

The fact is that it is on the “classic” that this mission is especially monstrous. If you have never played or simply have not heard about it, then we will explain it easily and clearly: the race in Mafia is more difficult than the helicopter mission in GTA: Vice City! Yes, it’s more difficult!

And for some unknown reason, she became even heavier in Mafia: Definitive Edition. Yes, many players asked for a more challenging remake, but no one asked for such a relentless race! On the contrary, we all prayed that it would become easier. However, the developers seem to have decided to mock.

Even if you don’t play on the classic difficulty level, the following guide should help you take first place and finally win this challenge.

The race appears in Chapter 5 “Fair Game” and you have to drive a fast car with very poor handling – turns are difficult and if you hit something or drive too slowly, you will definitely lose.

The racing mission in Mafia: Definitive Edition still requires absolute precision, but there are some tricks you can use to get the upper hand.

  • Cut corners as this is a great chance to overtake rivals, however, it is important to keep the car straight so that it does not skid. Also, do not even try to crash into other racers, as any touch on another car will instantly cause yours to turn around.
  • If you are playing on console then press X (PS4) or A (Xbox) on turns: The buttons help you control your car better and gain some speed ahead of enemy racers.
  • “speed limit” button can also help with cornering, but it’s not a perfect solution. Its use can lead to loss of traction and frequent vibrations of the vehicle. If it helps, then go for it.
  • After each lap, one participant in the race is eliminated. – so planned. Therefore, we recommend to pull off a very interesting trick, namely to take 3rd place on the second lap. If you are not in 3rd place by the second lap, restart the race immediately and try again. If you are in 3rd place, you will gradually gain momentum in the last two laps, as the two drivers in front of you will be automatically eliminated, and voila – 1st place in your pocket.

Many players actually managed to get through the most annoying mission of Mafia: Definitive Edition faster thanks to corner cuts and the 3rd place trick. Yes, it’s still a difficult task that requires absolute precision, but all these clues should increase the chance of winning. Good luck!

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