Mafia III – How to open all endings?

Here you can check out the three available endings, as well as tips on how to unlock all of them. Lincoln can leave the city, govern himself, or continue to work with his superiors.

Mafia III has three completely different endings. The choice must be made after you complete the last mission: Kill Sal Marcano.

Attention – After you see the selected ending (plus final credits), you will return to the main menu. You can then resume the game and start from where you were before the selection. Use this opportunity to see other endings or continue with any remaining side activities (additional missions, secrets)

Ending 1 – Lincoln leaves New Bordeaux

Baby, I’ll leave you.

If you choose this ending, you need to get to the northwest corner of the map. The video will tell you that during Lincoln’s absence, Cassandra took over New Bordeaux (that is, if she is still alive – if she betrayed you, you shot her)

Ending 2 – Lincoln stays and rules New Bordeaux

You can still take the help of your partners.

Return to the mansion in Bayou where you used to assign tasks to your partners. During the meeting, hold the context button (on PC by default – Q ) to rule New Bordeaux together. The video clip will tell you that Lincoln’s influence slowly grew outside the city.

Ending 3 – Lincoln stays and rules New Bordeaux alone

After killing his subordinates, Lincoln himself will die in a car bomb.

Return to the mansion in Bayou where you used to assign tasks to your partners. During an encounter, hold the context key to kill your partners (on PC, default is R) to kill your partners. Exit the mansion and enter your car. It will explode – you will learn from the video that it was Father James who planted the bomb.

Attention – If any of the bosses were killed during the game, they will obviously not be in the last encounter. It won’t change the ending in any way.


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