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Major patch 2.2.316 for MMORPG sandbox Wild Terra 2: New Lands released

The domestic studio Juvty Worlds has released a major update that has brought interesting content innovations to the MMORPG sandbox Wild Terra 2: New Lands. Now, as a new introductory part of the training, there is a small story about how the character gets to Elyon. More experienced players will be able to go to the Mining Camp, which is a small settlement of Iteria. There you are locals and a new quest chain.

In addition, the changes also affected animal husbandry: now, when mating, the animal will grow old, and eventually stop producing offspring, the cub at birth can receive one of 15 unique bonuses, and if the parent already has the perk, then the chance of receiving it by the newborn increases.

For more details about the major update, check out the official patch notes on the game’s Steam page.

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