Major Season 19 Update Now Available for PUBG: Battlegrounds

Battle Royale by KRAFTON called PUBG: Battlegrounds has received a major update with a new season and other innovations. Players will now be able to find a new MP9 submachine gun with a high rate of fire and transport in the form of a police car at the Deston location.

You can also now try out new devices, including a special detector that displays enemies within a range of 100 meters as blue dots, as well as a small portable shield with 1400hp. Both devices can fundamentally change the course of events during battles.

Among other things, the 19th rating season has started, as well as a large-scale Assassin’s Creed collaboration, which has brought new skins to PUBG and even an entire zone for the Haven location. For more information about the update, watch the video below:

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