Major Update 0.8 for Last Epoch Released with New Rogue Class

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Eleventh Hour Games has released a major update 0.8 for the isometric Action RPG Last Epoch, which is in Early Access. It added a new Rogue class to the game with nine skills, each with its own specialization tree. He also has two class mastery with four skills each: Bladedancer and Marksman.

A feature of the Rogue class is the presence of hybrid skills. Abilities like Cinder Strike, Flurry, and Puncture are applied differently depending on the weapon type chosen (melee or ranged).

The update added two new weapons to the game: daggers and bows (along with quivers, which equip as off-hand weapons). At the moment, each of these types includes 11 items. The developers also reworked the Temple of Eterra location, added new items, and improved performance. You can find a complete list of changes on the official forum.

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