Marvel’s Spider-Man – Costume Mods

Costume modifications are a very important aspect of playing Spider-Man. They guarantee various bonuses related mainly to combat and exploration, as well as character movements.

In the picture below we present an approximate window of costumes and their modifications. To open this window in the game, simply press the touchpad on the panel and select the Costumes tab (1).

Remember that this tab will only be active after the fourth mission of the “Something Old, Something New” story game. By going to the indicated tab and selecting the costume modification option (2), you will see all the available options. The next one is unlocked as the hero’s experience level increases.

You can only have three active mods at a time (3), and their selection is indicated by icons in the lower left corner of the screen. In turn, on the right side you will see a window with a description of modifications and requirements (4) for unlocking it, as well as the impact on character statistics (5) after activation. If you want to unlock skills, remember that you need to have the right amount of resources (6).

Below we present all costume modifications with descriptions, unlock requirements and a short description.

1. Combat Focus – Gadget attacks that generate focus. Increases attack stats but decreases defense.

Requirements: 1 crime token.

2. Gel fill – reduces damage taken from melee weapons. This has little effect on defense capability.

Requirements: 1 backpack token, 3 crime tokens.

3. Long Range Scanner – increases the range of the augmented reality scanner, showing objects and enemies at a great distance. This has a small effect on increasing stealth and decreasing defense.

Requirements: 1 worship token, 1 backpack token

4. Combat Analyzer – increases the amount of experience points received for defeating enemies. This is a very good investment at the very beginning of the game, but it has little impact on the decrease in defense statistics.

Requirements: 1 landmark token, 3 crime tokens.

5. Discharging Cells – Perfect Dodge temporarily increases damage. Activating this mod reduces defense stats, but greatly increases attack chance.

Requirements: 1 landmark token, 3 crime tokens.

6. Quiet footsteps – opponents need more time to detect you. This reduces the ability to protect, but significantly increases the stealth statistics.

Requirements: 2 landmark tokens, 1 backpack token.

7. Ballistic tabs – reduces missile damage. This has little effect on the character’s defensive stats, but only with that type of damage.

Requirements: 1 base token, 3 attack tokens.

8. Kinetic Force – increases the rate of generation of concentration. This affects the decrease in defensive statistics, but increases the number associated with the attack.

Requirements: 3 crime tokens, 1 challenge token.

9. Reactive lenses – reduce the effect of flying grenades. It does not affect any stats.

Requirements: 2 research tokens, 4 crime tokens.

10. Network Championship – Network attacks create more concentration. This does not affect character statistics.

Requirements: 1 research token, 4 crime tokens.

11. First Aid – Increases the amount of health restored using concentration. It doesn’t affect stats, but it does support additional processing options, so it’s worth picking up this modification right from the start.

Requirements: 1 exploration token, 2 landmark tokens.

12. Bioscanner – Scanned enemies remain highlighted until the battle begins. This has a big impact on reducing defense stats, and adds a big bonus. So, if you are a supporter of silent play and battle planning, it is worth investing in this modification.

Requirements: 3 research tokens, 1 base token.

13. Charged Capacitors – Increases damage when you have over 100 health points. Slightly reduces defensive properties and increases attack statistics quite a lot.

Requirements: 2 base tokens, 4 attack tokens.

14. Hazard Detectors – A perfect dodge slows down your time. It doesn’t affect stats, but it’s a mod that will work in almost any style of gameplay.

Requirements: 2 research tokens, 1 base token.

15. Charged Outer Grid – The plasma separating the plasma electrifies the surface of the suit, stunning opponents who touch it. It must be renewed after activation. This slightly reduces the defense value and slightly increases the attack parameters.

Requirements: 2 research tokens, 6 crime tokens.

16. Metabolic Converter – Chance to create ammo for gadgets when taking damage. This reduces the chance of defense and increases attack.

Requirements: 3 research tokens.

17. Biosiat – You can take damage without losing the combo meter. It does not have a direct effect on any stats, but it does support the continuation of a series of attacks when any of the opponents will attack you.

Requirements: 2 landmark tokens, 6 crime tokens.

18. Protective plates – reduces damage from explosions and missiles. This does not affect stats, but increases resistance to these types of attacks. Modification is especially useful in the final stages of the game.

Requirements: 6 crime tokens, 6 challenge tokens.

19. Keeping Life – Automatically consumes focus to heal you with low health. It doesn’t affect stats, but it’s a great modifier, mainly when we’re not dealing with more difficult fights.

Requirements: 3 research tokens, 3 challenge tokens.

20. Ferromagnetic Harness – Reduces the duration of the impact effect caused by batons and electric weapons. It has no direct effect on character statistics.

Requirements: 2 base tokens, 4 challenge tokens.

21. Electrical Charges – When you fight in the air, you build up electrical charges and release them while fighting on the ground. Decreases defensive stats and increases attack.

Requirements: 4 research tokens, 6 crime tokens.

22. Proximity Sensor – Shows hidden photographic locations on the minimap. This is a specific mod that reduces defensive skills but increases movement-related stats.

Requirements: 6 exploration tokens, 3 iconic location tokens.


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