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The creation of the protagonist characters in Mass Effect Andromeda is very different from what we knew from the previous parts of the series. There is an option to customize the appearance (or stick to the characters prepared by the developers) or gender, but there is one major difference – there is no class system in Andromeda. You won’t be able to choose from classes like Adept or Infiltrator. Instead, you will have almost complete freedom to choose the abilities for your character.

In this and subsequent chapters, you will learn all about the character creation process – how the appearance of your character, as well as his/her twin, will affect the appearance of Alec Ryder (the father of the Ryder twins). In addition, you will find information about all 6 trainings (class system in Andromeda) and the consequences of choosing each of them.

Note – Please remember that the information provided in the following chapters is only a general guideline. For example, there is nothing stopping you from turning a character with security training into a pure biotic.

Gender selection and appearance customization

Ð'ñ ‹ и его близнеца.  - ð¡ðion · ðð ° ð ð½µ ¿¿µñ € ñ ñ ð> ° ð ° ° ° ° ð² mass effect: Andromeda – ðððuzz ñ¾ð½ ° ° 𶠖 mass etfect игре Andromeda” src=””/><noscript> ° ð ° ° ° ° ð² mass effect: Andromeda – ðððuzz ñ¾ð½ ° ° 𶠖 mass etfect игре Andromeda”/></noscript></p><p> You can customize the appearance of both your character and his twin.</p><p> At the beginning of the adventure, you will be able to customize the appearance of both your character and his twin.  Everyone will be able to create their own ugly, monster-like character, use one of the presets prepared by the developers, or try to recreate Shepard from Mass Effect 1-3.</p><p> Interestingly, the look of the twins affects something else – what the twins’ father, Alec Ryder, will look like.  Using the default look of both twins will not change Alec’s look, as the game will also use the default look.  However, if you create your own character and seriously change his/her appearance, the parent’s appearance will also change – it will have characteristics, such as hair and skin color, of both twins.  Note that if you create twins that are very different in appearance (for example, when one is white and the other is black), the game will make the father look like the player character, not the other twin.</p><p> The choice of gender does not affect the gameplay – you will not have access to other quests or plot twists.  The only difference that affects gender is the type of character you’ll be able to set romantically.</p><h2><p> Training selection<br /></h2><p> The choice of training is a crucial decision you must make at the start of your adventure in Mass Effect Andromeda.  Even though the game doesn’t have a pure class system like the trilogy, the type of training you choose still has a big impact on your character development, especially during the first 10-15 hours of the game.</p><p> The type of training you choose won’t affect the weapons you’ll be able to use, the amount of health and/or shields your character will have, the amount of credits, or the amount of skill points, as it stays the same regardless of your choice.  This, however, will change the type of ability you start with, as well as the abilities you can unlock when you reach level two.  You should pay special attention to the latter, as a large number of skills require you to invest at least 9 points in a given skill tree to even unlock them.</p><p> By choosing the right type of training, you can access powerful abilities as soon as you reach level two (when you have accumulated skill points to distribute) – otherwise, you will need to advance your character to at least level five and invest all your points.  we got (9) into one skill tree.</p><p> In the following chapters you will find descriptions of all 6 available training types: Security, Biotics, Technician, Leader, Scraper and Operative.  All of them will give you access to a certain starting ability that you can use right from the start, as well as 1-2 unlocked ones – those that usually require 9 points in one tree to unlock and which will be free for you.</p><p> Note – even though you can easily reset skill points and redistribute them to different degrees, the training type cannot be changed.  The one you chose at the beginning of the game will stay with you until the end – study each one before making your decision!</p><p style=


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