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Acquisition and development of drawings

An N7 armor that many Mass Effect fans look up to with nostalgia.

Mass Effect Andromeda offers players a simple system that, despite its simplicity, gives a lot of options when creating equipment. The process begins with the acquisition of blueprints, which can be used to create the item the player wants.

There are 4 tiers for equipment. From worst to best – Common, Uncommon, Rare and Ultrarare. As you can easily guess, the higher the level, the better the item – weapons can have better attack stats like damage, and armor can have higher stats (like better shield or health regeneration). In addition, the higher the level, the more add-ons you can install in them.

Equipment level is one thing, but where do you find blueprints? There are three main sources:

  • Development of new equipment in the Research Center. They give you access to three technology groups – Milky Way, Heleus, and Remnant – where you can find many different weapons, armor, and blueprint add-ons.

  • Buying blueprints from merchants. Here you can only get addons, you can’t buy other blueprints.

  • By completing missions. For completing some missions, you will receive a weapon blueprint or armor as a reward. Although this rarely happens, it should be mentioned.

The process for getting new blueprints for weapons and armor is different from how you get add-ons. When you acquire a new weapon or armor plan, you only unlock access to it – after that, you must enter the screen to create equipment and craft the item you need. This is different for add-ons because you can’t craft them – when you unlock them by purchasing a blueprint from a merchant or by opening it through a research center, you get one fragment of that add-on, which can later be mounted on a weapon. Also, when you unlock it, there is a chance that you will be able to find this augment while exploring – this cannot be done before unlocking.

Creation of equipment

Here you can learn about creating items using previously unlocked blueprints.

When you get the blueprint for the item you want, you must also get the required amount of materials needed to create that item. You can get materials for:

  • Sending Strike Teams – When a team completes a mission, they return with a chest that contains some materials.

  • Killing enemies and searching their bodies – sometimes you can get weapons that can be dismantled, and other times you can get materials.

  • Openable containers are scattered throughout the game world. In most containers, you can find crafting materials. In addition, with the help of the Reconnaissance Cryopod, you can find containers hidden on the world map that contain rare items – weapons and valuable crafting materials.

When you have a project and all the necessary materials, you should contact the research center. You can find them, for example, in Tempest – there are several places where you can meet them, but the easiest way is to go to the one in Tempest. When you are on the Research Center screen, select the development option.

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Item creation screen, here is one of the weapons.

Here you can select tabs that allow you to create armor parts, weapons, and nomad upgrades. On the left you have a list of available items, in the center you can see what the currently selected item looks like, what materials are required and how many Augment slots it has, on the right you can see the description and statistics of the item.

Now all you have to do is select the element you want to create, add (using the button at the bottom of the screen) add-ons (one or more – you can read about add-ons in the next chapter) and create that element. You can equip items when you are in the equipment screen that is available, such as when you leave Tempest.

Equipment addition

In the previous two chapters, you learned how to get the blueprints and crafting materials needed to create them, as well as what the crafting process looks like. Gear crafting gives you quite a few options, but expanding it allows you to fully customize the parts of your weapon or armor so they can match your style.

Add-ons are special items that can boost the stats of your weapons and armor pieces, but some of them can even completely change the way they work. A good example would be weapon enlargement – they can change projectiles, for example an assault rifle can transform into a grenade launcher, a sniper rifle can fire powerful homing missiles, and a shotgun can fire plasma. Similar things happen with armor pieces. This is best seen in the case of leg armor, where buffs can increase melee damage dealt while airborne – they can deal additional damage (fire, electricity) or freeze enemies. As you can easily see, this completely changes the way weapon and armor parts work, giving you a lot more options.

A Weapon or an armor part can have up to 4 augment slots.  - Augmentation equipment |  Equipment - Equipment - Mass Effect: Andromeda Game Guide

A weapon or piece of armor can have up to 4 upgrade slots.

You can increase any weapon or piece of armor, but there is a little trick. You can only install them in items that you have made yourself – add-ons cannot be installed in purchased pieces of armor or weapons.

To install an add-on, you must select the development screen, which can be accessed from the research center, select the desired element (weapon or armor part) and then press the button at the bottom of the screen to increase the indicated element – In the picture above you can see the created weapon with four additions. Now you only need to create this item. Your unique weapon or armor piece is ready to use.

If you want to use add-ons, there are a few things you need to keep in mind:

  • Develop everything in the Milky Way, Heleus and Remnant Supplements zones as quickly as possible, because they give you access to powerful and unique options when modifying your equipment. All of them can be found in the Research Center, Research tab.

  • Buy augments from merchants. Most merchants in the game sell weak parts of weapons and armor, so there is no point in buying them. This allows you to quickly accumulate a lot of credits – you can spend them on add-ons, which in turn allows you to create powerful items.

  • Think twice before installing an Augment in a weapon. Swapping your assault rifle for a grenade launcher can be tempting, but the change greatly reduces the weapon’s range, which completely changes the way that weapon works.

  • The same goes for sniper rifles – what’s the point of a weapon that can fire explosive plasma projectiles that deal an absurd amount of damage if those projectiles don’t even reach your enemies?

  • When building up armor and weapons, focus on those that can boost your character. It makes no sense to invest in add-ons that give you shield bonuses if your character’s survival is based on health points and damage reduction.

  • Remember that in the process of disassembling an item with add-ons, you get all of them back. This means that you can experiment without problems. But don’t forget to sell weapons with add-ons, because you won’t get them back!

Dismantling items

Dismantling allows you to get a lot of crafting materials.  - Dismantling items |  Equipment - Equipment - Mass Effect: Andromeda Game Guide

Scrapping allows you to get a lot of crafting materials.

The process of creating and adding equipment has already been discussed, but what can you do with items that you no longer use and it only takes up space in your inventory? Sure, you can sell them and get some credits, but that doesn’t make much sense – you can’t spend your money and buy a powerful weapon or piece of armor because you can create much better items. So what can you do about unwanted items? Disassemble them.

Known to fans of some (MMO) RPG games, this game mechanic allows you to break an item apart and restore some of the crafting materials that were used to create them. This is the best way to get rid of unwanted items because, as mentioned, credits don’t give you many options, and the dismantling option allows you to get a lot more crafting materials compared to what you can buy from a merchant with the money you got by selling weapons.

The disassembly process is very simple. Select the equipment screen, select the weapon you want to dismantle and press the button at the bottom of the screen. Pressing the “accept” button completes the process that gives you the materials. There are a few things you need to remember about the disassembly process:

  • You can only dismantle weapons (firearms and melee weapons) and armor pieces. Add-ons and modifications installed inside your armor can only be destroyed – this removes them from the equipment, but you do not get any materials, so the best option is to just sell them.

  • You can’t dismantle an equipped weapon – there simply won’t be an option to do so. If you want to get rid of a piece of a weapon or armor that your character is currently equipped with, you must first equip another item and then dismantle it.

  • The higher the level (especially Ultrarare), the more valuable materials are obtained after dismantling the item. Thanks to this, you can save a lot of credits – buying the same amount and type of crafting materials can cost you several times more than you can get for selling weapons.

  • During the dismantling process, you restore all the additions that were used in the process of creating this weapon.


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