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Mass Effect Andromeda – Planet Vitality

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The viability of the planet can be checked in the game.

The viability of a planet is a measure of how suitable a planet is for life. By default, each planet starts with 0% vitality – this turns them into hostile environments and makes them almost impossible to explore. Your character will be affected by radiation, low temperatures and toxicity. As the planet’s vitality increases, its environment will improve – previously inaccessible and highly polluted places will now be practically harmless, and water, which not so long ago instantly depleted your life support meter, will now be clear and easy to cross. Planet health can be increased by doing the following:

Setting forward stations – each of them will give you 2% of the planet’s vitality. It may seem insignificant, but you should take into account the other benefits of forward stations, such as the ability to change your overload, replenish life support, and fast travel.

  • Completing side quests – the impact depends on the difficulty of the quest. The reward, in most cases, varies from 2% to 5% per quest.

  • Completion of the main quests associated with this planet. Completing them will give you 10% of the planet’s vitality.

  • Destruction of an enemy outpost on a planet – up to 10% of the planet’s viability.

  • Victory over residual architects. There are four of them, one on each major planet. Defeating them will give you a huge experience boost as well as a lot of planet vitality points. Tips for dealing with these powerful enemies can be found in the individual chapters of this guide.

  • Outpost installation. Once you reach 40% of a given planet’s health, you will be able to establish an outpost there, gaining 20% ​​of the planet’s health.

  • Exploring and activating the Remnant Vault. It offers the highest reward available, giving 40% of the planet’s vitality.

Planet Vitality is a mechanic closely related to Andromeda Vitality (described in a separate chapter) – each point of Planet Vitality you earn will also give you 1 Andromeda Vitality. Also, although the planet’s vitality is capped at 100%, you can still craft Andromeda’s vitality points – it just won’t increase the planet’s vitality. Moreover, the viability of some planets is associated with some of the cryopods.

To easily reach 100% planet health by earning a significant amount of Andromeda health points and unlocking all planet-only cryopods, you need to

  • Find, research and activate the Remnant Vault – 40%.

  • Set up an outpost – 20%.

  • Unlock all forward stations – 2% for each forward station.

  • Complete the main quest on the planet – 10%.

  • Complete a number of side quests.

The first four points above will allow you to achieve 80-90% planet viability, depending on the number of Direct Stations available on the planet’s surface. After that, you just need to complete 2-3 big quests to increase the planet’s vitality to 100% and unlock all the most important items. However, if you want to unlock all cryopods, you need to complete most of the quests on every planet in the game.


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