McLaren 570S returns to Rocket League

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Psyonix Studios, in collaboration with luxury supercar manufacturer McLaren Automotive, have announced the return of the McLaren 570S to the Rocket League. The event is set for today, May 27, for all platforms.

The return set with the McLaren 570S will include several new aspects, such as a silver car decal. In total, the following items will be presented there:

  • The McLaren 570S car itself;
  • unique engine sound;
  • McLaren 570S sticker (silver);
  • McLaren 570S wheel;
  • McLaren 570S wheel (painted silver);
  • McLaren I player banner;
  • McLaren II player banner;
  • McLaren III player banner.

The Car Bundle will be available in the Merchandise Store for 2,000 Credits, and players who already own the 570 will be able to purchase it again for 900 Credits and receive additional items. The car sale event will run from May 27 to June 2.

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