Medal of Honor Forefront download torrent For PC

Medal of Honor Forefront download torrent

A new part of the popular series of military first-person shooters “Medal of Valor”. Many of the fans were looking forward to it, and it happened – the Medal of Honor Forefront was released. You can download the game via torrent and enjoy the continuation of the official franchise today. If you do not know what this game is, then read this article for more details. The development team has remained virtually unchanged compared to the release of previous games in the series, which means that the main gameplay moments, for which we love this shooter, are also present here. It’s a punchy mix of quality shooter and action that won’t let you relax for a second. As before, players can not only go through the main story campaign, but also take part in online multiplayer along with fans of the series around the world. This time, the main emphasis was placed on the battle of infantry troops, and therefore you won’t have to enjoy trips in heavy, armored vehicles, be it tanks or armored personnel carriers.

Gameplay details

Of course, about 5 years have passed since the release of the previous part, and therefore Medal of Honor Forefront is made on a completely new engine: the graphics are qualitatively redesigned and look simply amazing on computers with modern hardware. The basis of physics and technological components is an engine called Frostbite 3, which has not previously been used in large projects. The action of the plot events now takes place not in the era of the Second World War or the great battles of the past. On the contrary, the creators of the game decided to send us to the not so distant future so that the players could see what a high-tech third world war could become.

Of course, there are also recognizable modern prototypes of weapons that the armies of the United States, NATO, Russia and other world powers are equipped with. The storyline is entirely based on a fictional conflict of interest between the states, starting with the confrontation between North and South Korea. Artificial intelligence has been seriously developed and redone, and therefore this shooter is quite difficult and interesting to play even for experienced gamers of this genre. You can download the game on PC via torrent today, after which you can launch both the main storyline with the scenario and take direct part in the battles over the network, on maps specially designed for this.

Official release

During its development, the details of the gameplay and setting of the Medal of Honor Forefront were kept in the strictest confidence. Some rumored that we would be transported to the era of the Vietnam War, while others believed that it would be a war of all mankind for the future. During the passage of the missions of the story campaign, you will go with military tasks to remote corners of the world. Many locations are based on real-life places and attractions. So, for example, players will be able to see with their own eyes not only the White House and the Kremlin along with Red Square, but even fight against their background. Also, the best of the multiplayer campaign levels have been transferred to the redesigned maps for multiplayer, on the territory of which battles do not stop around the clock. Download the shooter via torrent and enjoy its single and cooperative passage, players can already at the present time. For 5 years of development, the creators have brought all the best to it, for which we adore high-quality FPS, and therefore it is worth getting acquainted with the game immediately. The realism of what is happening and real-life prototypes of weapons, along with armor, will provide us with a complete immersion in the game atmosphere.


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