Medieval 2: Total War Kingdoms – Crusades Campaign Guide

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The Crusades campaign is arguably one of the easiest in the Kingdoms pack. But still there are some nuances that you need to know. Even here, you can fail if you use the wrong strategy and declare war on everyone in a row.

As usual, the entire passage depends on the start. The correct starting policy is your admission to victory. To begin with, it is worth noting that there are simply no problems with the economy here. Focus on the bloody and merciless war. There are five playable factions here – the Principality of Antioch, the Kingdom of Jerusalem, the Byzantine Empire, the Seljuk States and the Fatimid Sultanate of Egypt.

There is a lot to fight, even a hell of a lot. Beginners are advised to start with Egypt. This is one of the strongest factions. Winning for her on very hard difficulty is a breeze.

Egypt is very rich and has unshakable influence in the East. The Turks will not fight him at first. From the very first moves, send all the armies from the Egyptian territories to Palestine. After 5-6 moves, the Call to Jihad will sound. A special script will allow you to acquire an additional army. Kerak will have several regiments at once.

Boldly storm the cities of Jerusalem. When capturing, do not forget to build mosques. Hire imams to spread Islam. In battles, use only real-time mode and fight heavy knights with mounted archers. A great economy will give you a solid advantage. Don’t forget to rebuild cities to ensure stability with resources.

For the Seljuks, the situation is a little more complicated. The Turks are divided into two contingents – the Anatolian group and the Persian. One of their large armies is formed around Caesarea, the other is stationed in Baghdad. Elite forces are available from the very first moves. It is necessary to immediately attack the enemy, capturing everything that is in the district.

The fight will be on two fronts. Send the Anatolian grouping towards Byzantium. Destroy the Greeks until you reach Nicaea. Then they will be seriously pressed by the Venetians, who are waiting for the capture of Constantinople. Form a large corps in Persia and send it to the lands just north of Mosul. When the Jihad script works, boldly attack Kirsehir and Malatya. In parallel, it is recommended to create one of the corps to capture the Caucasus. There sit only independent rulers who will not last long. As in the case of Egypt, do not forget about the development of cities.

By the way, in the campaign you can safely build entire lines of fortifications right on the map. Use these features wisely. Forts are great for holding back huge armies of enemies.

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For Byzantium, do exactly the same as for the Turks with the Egyptians. You have a good advantage and a rich economy.

Gather a large force in Anatolia and send to Ancyra. Destroy the Turks with their own weapons. Use mounted archers of different stripes. Keep fortifying cities and castles. Immediately send the emperor and the prince to Crete in order to protect them from enemies and prevent the destruction of the dynasty. Seriously fortify Constantinople.

After some time (20-30 moves), the Venetian Crusade begins. Tsargrad will be immediately attacked by the Italian barbarians. Form two regiments around Constantinople and try to keep it from being captured. Beat the crusaders at the walls of the city. Destroy their commanders and wreak havoc on the troops. Venice can be defeated only by completely destroying their doge and chief adviser. Fights play only in real-time mode.

The crusaders’ situation is very difficult, but still not hopeless. There are many cities around, especially those controlled by independent princes. Feel free to capture them and get a great increase in the economy. Then you can forget about money.

For Antioch, form good troops and place on the southeastern borders. Fortify all surrounding cities. The Turks will be here any minute. Get ready to repel the hordes of jihadists. In Antioch, create a small fleet, load troops on it and send it to capture Cyprus. In Cyprus, it will be possible to ride out the storm. After 10 turns, the Crusade of Kings script is triggered. Antioch and Jerusalem have two good armies. They will do a great job of holding back the advance of the Muslims.

Playing for the Kingdom of Jerusalem and for Antioch, you should not shove on the rampage. First you need to defend your territories and destroy the hordes of the enemy. And only then you can think about the conquests. Repel attack after attack, siege after siege. Get a foothold in Cyprus to avoid the instant destruction of the state. Don’t let Jerusalem, Kerak, Krak des Chevaliers and Antioch be lost. This will lead to disastrous consequences and the collapse of the economy.

Try to provoke the enemy to siege cities. Cities are always easier to defend. In addition, Muslim horse archers are simply useless during sieges. Hold on until the enemy slows down the pace of the invasion. Then you can think about counterattacks.

STAGE 2: massacre

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If you did everything right, then you are alive and ready for further confrontation. Well, if you see an info sheet in front of you about the end of the campaign and the destruction of your faction, then you clearly did not read the guide carefully. In this case, it is recommended to re-read the manual again, and so on until you understand that absolutely everything depends on the start.

All you have to do in the future is just to fight. In parallel, of course, it is better to rebuild and fortify cities. It is advisable to pay attention to the construction of forges. Forges and armories improve weapons and make your units invincible. Therefore, it is better to strengthen the construction of weapons and continue to improve the troops.

Do not forget about the construction of workshops for the production of artillery. Yes, this will certainly slow down your troops when moving, but it’s better than losing an entire cavalry regiment in a senseless attack. Always take three or four stone throwers or catapults with you. This will help to quickly destroy the enemy. In real-time battles, build artillery posts on the hills and hammer with all your might at the enemy.

Playing as the Turks, unite two contingents into one large military group. Connect the lands of Anatolia and Persia. Go forward, destroying everything that is there. Over time, the script for the arrival of Osman is triggered. This guy brings an elite corps of ghoulem along with the Janissaries. Such an army will greatly help in the fight against the superior forces of the Greeks and crusaders.

Try to crush the resistance in Antioch. Destroy all the Byzantine regiments you encounter. After discovering gunpowder, start mass production of guns. With such powers, you can easily conquer the world. Use the same tactics in the case of Egypt. Just try to keep an alliance with the Turks first. Together attack Byzantium and crush the resistance of the crusaders. If Osman comes to the Turks, then the Egyptians have a knight named Baibars. His Mamluk guard will help to cope with any opponent.

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But with the crusaders you have to sweat. Artillery, archers and crossbowmen will play their decisive role here. Try to hire as many mercenaries as possible, use heavy cavalry in battles. Do not even count on the infantry, it will hardly help you here.

For Jerusalem, quickly invade Egypt. Repulse every counterattack of the enemy. Fight only in real time and do not allow auto-battles. Try to immediately strengthen the captured strongholds.

After Antioch, go straight to the lands of Persia, while not forgetting to strengthen the northern borders. Take Turkish cities by storm. Mercenaries and artillery are great against horse archers. Capture Mosul and start producing elite armies right away. Try to cut out Persian cities. This will help avoid riots.

Controlling Byzantium, deal with the Seljuk military group in Anatolia as quickly as possible. In parallel, knock out the remnants of the crusaders from the lands of Thrace. Destroy Venice as a faction. Mounted archers will be of great help in battles with Turks and Catholics.

Next, capture Cyprus and invade Antioch. You will quickly destroy knightly armies with elite shooters. Don’t forget the flamethrowers, pretty fantasy units of the addon. With a single jet of fire, they destroy hundreds of enemies. It is possible to raid Egypt using a flotilla. This will help strengthen the economy even more. Cut out enemy cities and immediately build Orthodox churches. Hire priests to ensure the loyalty of the inhabitants. Remember, you have no allies here. There is no need for slaughter in castles. After capturing fortresses, quickly start producing elite cavalry – Cataphracts and Archontopoules.

STAGE 3: Conquest

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After capturing half of the map, the enemy begins to weaken. And your empire expands and becomes all-powerful. Then it remains only to go to the very end, until the final capture of the map. Try not to forget about the rebuilding of cities and fortresses. Develop blacksmithing. Forges and armories will significantly strengthen the armor of your warriors and increase the damage from their weapons. Mass-produce artillery mounts.

The gunpowder era is coming soon, and this gives you a great advantage over everyone. AI rarely uses cannons, preferring to fight with the same catapults and trebuchets.

Just don’t forget that in the middle of the campaign you will have to face another enemy. A huge horde of the Mongol Khan Hulagu will certainly appear at the walls of Baghdad from the beginning of the second half of the 13th century. It is impossible to predict the exact date. Get ready to destroy the Tatars before approaching the Persian cities. They appear within Basra. The best way is to build a line of forts around Basra or Baghdad. The attacks of the Mongols can simply choke. Destroy all khans and khanzadeh to eliminate them as a faction.

After that, boldly go to capture the rest of the cities on the map and win the campaign. A winning infolist with congratulations is guaranteed!


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If the original campaign seemed boring to you, pay attention to the abundance of mods for this game. For example, All Christian Crusades adds play as many of the Christian factions from the original Medieval 2 Total War game. That is, England, France, Germany, Sicily and even Portugal will be available to you. However, a new faction appeared on the map – Banu Hilal. These independent Arabian states support Egypt and the Seljuks, but may eventually develop into a separate empire. Lead their armies and establish new sultans in the Middle East.

Almost the same thing can be seen in the neighboring addon called New Faction Mod. There you will also have access to European factions, which will perfectly diversify the campaign.

DOWNLOAD all christian crusades DOWNLOAD new faction mod

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