Medieval 2: Total War Kingdoms Guide – Britannia Campaign

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STAGE 1: start

There are only five playable factions in the campaign – England, Ireland, Wales, Norway and Scotland. There is also the Baron Alliance, which plays the role of the Rebels of the Roman Empire in the Barbarian Invasion. Playing for each of these factions is interesting in its own way. The campaign is replete with historical events and scripts that make the gameplay even more exciting. The ultimate goal is to capture the British Isles, that is, control over 46 territories.

Future success in moving on the map depends on the start. Playing as England, get ready for an economic crisis and attacks from all sides. It will take a lot of effort and nerves to unite Britain into a single kingdom. From the very beginning, don’t even think about conquest. It’s about the natural survival of legitimate royalty. Wales and Ireland are in turmoil. The local kings have long been tired of the despotic power of the London monarchs, so don’t feed them bread here, just let them crumble a couple of hundred Englishmen.

You have to defend from the start. Get ready to hold back the siege. And it would be better to maintain control over at least part of their lands. Worst of all will be in Wales. There, the troops of the local king Llewelyn will shove by the thousands. In Ireland, get ready for constant attacks on castles and cities. You will lose Dublin, and all its power will pass under the Alliance of Barons, do not even try to recapture it.

Try to hold at least the castles, as good troops are hired in them. Focus on calling archers and heavy cavalry. Try not only to hold back the siege, but also to counterattack. The storm will be long. More than 30 moves will only have to defend. But then the hordes of attackers begin to weaken. After 30-40 moves, you can already think about a retaliatory strike and bringing the lands of England under the rule of a single king. At the same time, try not to allow economic bankruptcy. Recovery is always harder.

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Playing as Ireland, Norway and Wales is much easier. Here the gameplay consists of banal attacks. Just move your armies to capture English fortresses. You don’t have any problems with money.

Uniting Ireland is a piece of cake, even on the hardest difficulty. It is enough to grab all the English castles and cities, and soon the island will become independent. After seizing control of the island, you can think about the expansion of the surrounding parts of the land. But it’s better not to meddle on the mainland without a good army.

Playing for Wales is even easier than for Ireland. It is enough to defeat several English armies in the Montgomery area. Then launch an attack on all forts, castles and cities, up to Oxford. The more English you beat, the more Welsh rebels go over to your side. A special script calls on your side good forces.

As Norway, immediately attack Scotland. It is even interesting to fight with local savages, controlling severe Vikings. 10-15 turns after the start of the Norwegian campaign, King Haakon’s arrival script is triggered. The king of Norway lands with an excellent army near Aberdeen. His army will help you quickly capture Scotland.

But if you play as the Scots themselves, then be prepared to repel blows from Norway. The Vikings will shove in hordes. Try to use cavalry as often as possible. Kill enemy commanders as quickly as possible. The Norwegians have too many infantry, which are quickly swept away by the powerful knightly cavalry. Defend until you find that the enemy has given up. Next, get ready to counterattack and throw the obnoxious Vikings back into the sea. Do not forget about building up the economy and building cities.

STEP 2: Prepare for adversity

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If you did everything right, then your faction is not destroyed, but still remains incapable. But if you see that the enemy is already slowing down and withdrawing troops away, do not rush to rejoice.

The British campaign is full of surprises. For example, if you captured most of Scotland for Norway, the highlanders call on William Wallace for their help, and everyone wanted to spit on the fact that he lived in the XIV, and not in the XIII century. Wallace from the future appears near Inverness and immediately begins the battle. A great backstab against obnoxious Vikings! In order not to fall into a trap, it is best to fortify all captured cities in Scotland. Otherwise, you can seriously regret it later. Wallace comes with a huge army and almost all of them are tough mountaineers with claymores. Try to destroy Wallace with cavalry in battle. It is guarded by men on foot, and they are extremely ineffective against heavy knights.

For other factions, the gameplay will still be easier. If you have successfully repulsed the attacks of the enemies for England and organized a counteroffensive, then do not even think about slowing down in any way. Keep attacking anything that moves. Capture and plunder the cities of the rebellious subjects. Destroy Wales and the Baron Alliance as soon as possible.

In Ireland, organize a knightly corps that will saw up the local Gaelians. Take Dublin by storm and destroy the entire population there. Use the legendary English archers, defending their positions with stakes. Attack the enemy with heavy knightly cavalry, sweeping away his infantry and artillery.

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As Wales and Ireland, quickly move forward, destroying and devastating the cities of the Anglo-Saxons. The Irish are advised to start the invasion of England from the southern possessions. There is the weakest defense. The Welsh, on the other hand, must take London as soon as possible and prepare for a counterattack.

Prince Edward the English with a special script appears at the walls of the captured capital. It is necessary to defeat his army of crusaders as soon as possible. After that, the former glory of England will forever go down in history. It is recommended to use capital transfers correctly. After gaining control of London, make it the capital of your state. It doesn’t matter who you play for – Wales or Ireland. Make this city your capital, and millions of money will flow into the treasury.

As Scotland, try to quickly knock out the Norwegians from the islands. Capture their northern stronghold, adding a lot to your treasury. Don’t forget about conquering independent cities that belong to local lords. These settlements are great for helping you build your economy.

But after the expulsion of the Norwegians, do not rush to rejoice. Vikings can attack at any time from the sea, so fortify your castles and cities along the coast. Build a good flotilla of withers in Perth (the capital of Scotland) and conduct a naval operation. Destroy all Norwegian ships within the coast. Then start preparing landing forces to capture the rest of the islands. The Norwegians still retain control over some territories, which are to be recaptured from them.

STAGE 3: victory and advancement

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After you have captured more than 20 territories, you can already forget about some kind of hardcore. Then everything will be easy, as, indeed, in all Medieval 2 Total War campaigns. Try not just to fulfill the victory conditions marked in the list, but to capture all the British Isles. This will be much more interesting and will give the campaign a historicity. In battles, try to focus on the destruction of enemy generals. If the enemy loses the commander, his army will immediately turn to flight. In this campaign, the AI ​​often hires artillery, so don’t forget to get your general to safety. After all, a stray cannonball may well put an end to all your aspirations for the glory of Caesar.

Usually, only two factions present danger at the end of the campaign – Norway and Scotland. If they are not knocked out of the territories in time, you can safely hang out in a bloody war. The confrontation with these guys can last for tens or even hundreds of moves. During this time, the time limit will simply end.

If you’re playing as Wales, Ireland or England, don’t let these kingdoms get stronger. The Scots at the last level of development have such a professional army that even an experienced veteran will be difficult to defeat. The Norwegians, in case of delay of the player, organize an impregnable defense on the controlled islands. It will be almost impossible to knock them out of there. Try not to let this happen, and then victory will be yours. After capturing 46 territories, the campaign ends and you get a huge infosheet with praises.

unofficial addons

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The British Kingdoms campaign is certainly good, but for many it may not seem historical enough. After all, there were many more factions fighting for supremacy on the islands. And many events of that era are not reflected here at all. If the original product does not suit and suit you, it is better to try mods.

The best of them are Rule Britannia and Britannia Ultima. In the first, we get an expanded map, an abundance of new factions and unusual gameplay. You can play both for the Baron Alliance and for many other factions, such as Denmark. AI acts much more efficiently and tries to subtract all the weaknesses of the player. In Britannia Ultima we see the original campaign, only with an abundance of developed cities, with new invasion factions (like France) and with the ability to build elite soldiers from the first turns. All this makes the game even more spectacular.

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