Medieval multiplayer action game Chivalry 2 is out on PC and consoles

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The release of a multiplayer action game in the setting of the Middle Ages called Chivalry 2. The game is available on PC and all current consoles, except for the Nintendo Switch. There are two editions to choose from:

Standart Edition

Special Edition

The second edition, in addition to the game itself, includes the following bonuses:

  • Armor – Jousting Knight Armor
  • Broadsword – Royal Broadsword
  • Ax – Gold Horseman’s Ax
  • Inventory Item – Roses Novelty Item
  • Currency – 1000 CZK + 5000 gold

It is worth noting that the game does not support ray tracing and DLSS at launch, but in a future update, the developers promise to add these technologies.

Chivalry 2 is a first / third person multiplayer action game developed and published by Torn Banner Studios. The project offers session battles on a variety of maps using a large arsenal of medieval weapons.

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