Meet the characters of the zombie shooter Back 4 Blood

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On the official Warner Bros. YouTube channel Games has a new trailer for the co-op zombie first-person shooter Back 4 Blood. The three-minute video is dedicated to all the playable characters called cleaners, as well as their passive bonuses. In total, eight heroes will be available at the start:

  • Walker – High-precision kills increase Accuracy. Bonuses to damage and health of the team.
  • Dock – Bonuses to the effectiveness of healing and resistance to injuries of the team.
  • Carly – Able to sense sources of danger. An additional slot to the inventory of effective items and a bonus to the speed of using the team.
  • Jim – High-precision kills increase damage. Bonuses to movement speed in shoulder firing mode and team damage to weak points.
  • Hoffman – Finds ammo on every kill. An additional slot for the inventory of items for attack and an increased capacity of the team store.
  • Evangelo – Able to break free from grabs. Bonuses to the speed of pulling out of the grab, restoration of stamina and the speed of movement of the team.
  • Mother – Able to instantly reanimate. An extra slot for the inventory of support items and an extra life for the team.
  • Holly – Restores stamina when killing a possessed one. Bonuses to damage resistance and team stamina.

At the end of the trailer, they also showed several possessed to fight with, such as the destroyer, ogre, snitch, and hag.

Back 4 Blood will be released on October 12, 2021 on PC (Steam, EGS), PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S. In the summer, a closed beta test will take place, which can be accessed by submitting an application on the official website.

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