Meizu is one of the oldest Chinese smartphone manufacturers. Unlike its competitors, the share of sales of its devices outside the Middle Kingdom is small. In case you’re not in the know, the brand’s phones have the Flyme user interface, a pretty heavy skin for Android. It is known that this branded shell was the first to acquire certain features that are common today. At the same time, the company is notorious for updating the base version of Android very late. Now, fortunately, this may soon change.

Android 11 for Meizu

A teaser was posted yesterday on the official Flyme account on Weibo. According to the post, On December 22, the company intends to make an important announcement about Android 11 for their smartphones at 11:11 am local time.

There is speculation that the brand may announce the launch of the program Android 11 Beta for its flagship smartphones – Meizu 17 and Meizu 17 Pro… Perhaps this initiative can affect other models because the previous major update’s beta testing program was launched simultaneously for several devices.

Either way, it’s nice to see Meizu improve the delivery of updates. The company started to release Android 10 (Flyme 8.1) on its phones only at the end of May… This is eight months after Google officially released Android 10 in September 2019. Apart from the new Flyme version, we also expect Meizu to unveil its first true smartwatch by the end of this month, titled “Meizu Watch“, Which are reportedly preparing for launching into mass production.


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