Metro Survival – isometric alternative to Metro 2033 for Android

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Metro Survival: Zombie Hunter came out to smartphones and managed to hit many bugs and lags. However, this is an indie project that tries to replicate the success of Metro 2033.

Metro Survival is an isometric shooter where people find themselves in Metro again, like Glukhovsky’s. According to the plot, a terrible explosion thundered and Moscow was covered with radiation. After a few years, people adapted and began to surface. Only they are attacked by monsters, with which we must cope.

Judging by the reviews and the trailer, things are not so rosy in Metro Survival: Zombie Hunter. For example, in the video, the FPS sags, especially when the boss jumps on you. The graphics are at the level of indie projects, we will move mainly through carriages and metro stations. The hero has a level of pumping and hunger. There is also an in-game store among the interface icons. The App Store states that this is only to disable ads. Those who played on Google Play complain about broken missions, poor management and crashes. At the same time, the average rating is 3.6 stars out of 5.

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