Metroidvania ScourgeBringer has been released to smartphones

ScourgeBringer is available on iOS. It should be followed by an Android version.

The ScourgeBringer platformer has been transferred to smartphones, it can already be bought on iOS for 649 rubles, and the publisher is Plug in Digital, which has established itself with such projects as Sigma Theory, Abandon Ship and Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion. ScourgeBringer has pixelated graphics and action-packed gameplay – you’ll be able to combo through the air, just like in Devil May Cry. By the way, in the previous article you can see what games inspired the developers of ScourgeBringer.

Those who have played ScourgeBringer note that it has about 10 hours of content if you want to explore everything. Also in this game there is a pumping tree and convenient controls. Of the implicit disadvantages, we note the lack of temporary invulnerability during a dash, which often works in video games. In fact, for consistent victories, you need to alternate between slow and fast attacks.

We asked the developers when the Android version of ScourgeBringer will be released and will update the news when we know the details.

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