Metroidvania Soul Essence Appears On Google Play

Pixel game Soul Essence has appeared on Google Play in Early Access. This is a metroidvania that Castlevania fans will love. The donation is not indicated in the digital store, but it is.

Soul Essence is a pixel metroidvania with incomplete Russian localization. In it you need to jump on platforms, destroy enemies and look for treasures. It is often possible to stumble upon spikes from both the bottom and the top of the player. There are dialogues, but they are in English and not voiced. The character must be pumped, he has health, mana and level. Gold and keys are available from materials.

The combat system is arcade: we can attack close, roll over the back of the enemy and jump on platforms. Sometimes you come across merchants who offer rare equipment. It is expensive, so the developers immediately offer to buy coins and disable ads for real money. At the same time, the prices are democratic, about a dollar for advertising and 50,000 coins, which is enough for “packing” with armor.

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