Microsoft complains about xCloud and Xbox Game Pass is not profitable

If you remember, Microsoft is now promoting the entire Xbox Game Pass game library. There are many cool projects out there, including the Yakuza franchise, the fantasy RPG Fable, and loads of Bethesda games. Every month we talk about new additions to the ranks of Game Pass, but not everything is as rosy as it seems. Apple and Epic Games are currently in court. This has already led to the leaking of the Rocket League mobile port. Now it has come to Microsoft: the corporation is complaining that Apple is “putting a spoke in the wheel” and allowing the xCloud cloud service to be released only as a web application on iOS. Because of this, most iOS gamers will never try this service. Apple is countering the attack and says it provided assistance in developing a web application.

Digging deeper, Microsoft’s claims can be explained: xCloud is tied to an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription. The other day, the senior editor of The Verge, Tom Warren, said next: “Xbox Game Pass is not profitable yet.” This means that the more platforms there are for Microsoft xCloud, the faster the corporation will be able to make a profit.

Plus an Xbox spokesman said Microsoft is making Xbox consoles at a loss. She earns profit from subscriptions and a percentage of game sales. This should explain the 30% the corporation charges for every video game sale on its consoles.

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