Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) has long-awaited VR support and is now available on Windows Mixed Reality platforms (including the HP Reverb G2), Oculus, Valve and HTC. To get access to this functionality, it is enough to install the latest update.

Also, the developers did not miss the opportunity to thank the players and evaluate their contribution to the preparation of the VR version:

“The active and engaged simmer community has helped our team define the approach to building virtual reality. Our users remain valuable partners in the ongoing development, improvement and addition of new features to our simulator. It was thanks to direct feedback from players that we decided to use the VR feature in Microsoft Flight Simulator, and we look forward to further advice on how to improve the game in the future. ”

Microsoft Flight Simulator is a flight simulator for various vehicles. The project is available on PCs running Windows 10 and on Steam since November 2020.



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