Microsoft Office 2019 download torrent For PC

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Microsoft Office 2019 download torrent

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UPDATED: 17/11/2023

Microsoft Office 2019 download torrent of a software package that must be installed by every self-respecting user. Office programs are needed by absolutely everyone who does not even profile any of the application specializations. As usual, there are quite a lot of them, while all of them have been updated and expanded quite a bit. Office version 2019 is a kind of continuation of the Microsoft Office 365 package, which was based on about 30 different programs of the product. Almost all functions and main tools were taken from the above mentioned project.

Program features

Microsoft Office 2019 is a must have on your PC as it contains essential applications that will make your PC even better. Of course, in the programs of the package, almost all the functions and main tools that the average user works with have been updated. Improved support for handwriting, as well as touch perception of information. Now that touchscreen laptops have begun to appear, this has become an important achievement. Use applications not only on PC, but also on mobile devices or tablets. And here the sensory integration of processes is simply necessary. Text scaling and readability have also been improved, allowing users to read a variety of text conveniently and comfortably. Word has become more productive and optimized for various online services. And this applies not only to the text editor, but also to Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook. You can enable synchronization of services with online storages and other Internet resources from which you can download additional tools and filters. And for Word or PowerPoint, this is an indispensable tool. The common package does not include the much-loved OneNote program. It has ceased to be updated since 2016, but you can additionally download it on the official website. Support for it from Microsoft has not stopped. Expanded integration with MacOS operating systems. All of the core features used in Windows have been ported to the Mac and built right in. True, this OS does not have any features or uniqueness. Download the Microsoft Office 2019 torrent and use the programs for your own purposes.

Software processes

It’s time to talk about the cons, of which there are quite a few. Although, along with these minuses, pluses also came at the same time. Access and Outlook were taken away from users, which were quite popular among numerous profile users. Of course, these were specialized applications, but, in any case, they can be downloaded separately, like Publisher or OneNote. The developers considered that programs were not something important and especially useful, although Outlook has always been considered a powerful email software and was used much more than the rest. The creators have worked on security, making Office almost inaccessible to scammers and villains. And this is extremely important, since now almost all Office package services have a direct interface with Internet resources. As well as cloud storage. On the one hand, this is a plus, and on the other, a minus. Although, as the developers from Microsoft say, everything will be in order with the security and encryption of your data. So feel free to use the cloud and leave your files there.

Features of Microsoft Office 2019

  • added only 4 programs;
  • support for touch input;
  • synchronization with online services;
  • integration into cloud storages;
  • many tools;
  • additional loading of plugins.

Anyone who constantly uses popular office programs needs to download the Microsoft Office 2019 torrent.

System requirements

  • Windows 7 / 8 / 10 (32-bit, 64-bit)


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