Microsoft will update xCloud and add support for browsers, including Safari

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We’ve already talked about Microsoft going to release a web app for iOS to increase its Xbox Game Pass subscriber base. The corporation has shared statistics, which shows that along with this service, gamers began to choose more genres and more games. These guys are working to bring the Xbox app to smart TVs, as well as offering gamers different subscription options depending on their device, country and financial situation.

As for the new countries where the cloud service xCloud will work, these are Australia, Brazil, Mexico and Japan; this business will be launched by the end of the year. If you’re on iOS, here’s the good news: Cloud gaming will be pushed to Edge, Chrome, and Safari in the coming weeks.

If you already use Xbox Game Pass, then be aware that Microsoft will soon update its data centers, adding elements that are used in the Xbox Series X | S. This means faster loading and increased FPS. Check out the new Game Pass projects for June here.

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