Military strategy Destiny of Armor can be downloaded (file inside)

The Destiny of Armor project was launched on Google Play Southeast Asia. He mixes historical characters and weapons of the future.

Destiny of Armor – mobile strategy for Android; There is no version information for iOS. In essence, this is a war simulator in the distant future, where the player controls cyborgs, robots, and even meets Cleopatra. In addition, you need to build a base and call on rare generals. I note nice graphics and a simple interface, which is why all the attention is on buildings and tasks. The player has two main types of resources: steel and fuel; there is also gold, but it is a premium currency. At the same time, new types of resources open up over time.

To make it easier, the developers have added story quests, but the graphics with animation are depressing – it feels like you are watching a low-grade advertisement for an F2P project. Of course, at some point you will be asked to join a guild; this probably gives buffs and allows you to participate in joint raids on other generals.

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