It’s time to throw the desktop Monopoly in the trash can because the developers from the studio Savy Soda offer Millionaire Tycoon: World. This is a real estate owner simulator. We buy apartments, houses, and entire shopping centers, collecting then from them rent. All this is done on a virtual map of the real world. This is why Millionaire Tycoon requires a mandatory GPS permit.

The game is online, so you will definitely meet other business people. Your goal is to become the richest person. To do this, you need to buy all kinds of real estate and fill it with elite and premium interiors. Don’t forget to sell structures when you see fit to get rid of them. At first, players start by conquering their own area, but gradually they go to the world level.

Millionaire Tycoon: World is available on iOS and Android. This is a shareware project with in-game purchases.

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