MillionPugs extension: does it work?

image MillionPugs extension: does it work?

MillionPugs is a recently launched cashback platform that allows players to obtain valuable in-game content for doing what they usually do online.

Therefore, what is MillionPugs, how the MillionPugs extension works, and how to use it? And is it worth using?

How MillionPugs work?

The MillionPugs is a rewards platform that allows users to purchase in-game content in exchange for pugs™. The pugs™ are virtual rewards currency obtained by shopping online in the listed stores.

The MillionPugs platform works with more than 850 stores from multiple industries. Users can collect pugs™ for daily shopping or ordering food and effortlessly purchase in-game content.

The easiest method of using the MillionPugs is downloading and installing the browser extension which will notify you every time you visit one of the listed shops.

How does the MillionPugs extension work?

First of all, you need to download the extension to your computer. Currently, MillionPugs is only available for Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

You can download the MillionPugs extension by heading to or directly from the Google Chrome extension store.

It requires only a few clicks to install the MillionPugs plugin and get started collecting pugs™ that can be later redeemed for in-game content.

How to use the MillionPugs extension

Using the MillionPugs extension is incredibly simple. It doesn’t require you to do anything differently from what you do now.

Find below a few steps you should take when using the MillionPugs.

Step 1: Explore

If you are interested, you have an option to check out the MillionPugs platform. You can check out the best deals and offers.

All you have to do is go to to find out about the stores included and the deals offered. You can also use the filter option to search for stores you shop with frequently.

image 1 MillionPugs extension: does it work?

Also, if you visit you can quickly check out which games are included and how many pugs™ you need to purchase the desired in-game content.

image 2 MillionPugs extension: does it work?

Step 2: Shop like you normally would

If you don’t intend or wish to look at the  MillionPugs platform before shopping, you don’t have to. The browser extension is designed in a way that you can entirely rely on it and allow it to find the best deals on your behalf.

The extension will notify you with a visible pop-up once you visit any store that has prepared deals for the MillionPugs users.

In the screenshot below, we visited Grubhub intending to buy a pizza. Once we entered the site, the extension automatically sent a pop-up to tell us that we could get pugs™ on this page.

image 3 MillionPugs extension: does it work?

We clicked on “activate pugs™” and allowed the MillionPugs extension to work. The extension automatically added the deal to our order and pugs™ into our account.

Step 3: Enjoy and collect pugs™

The best part about MillionPugs is that you download the browser extension once and collect pugs™ exchangeable for in-game content from that point forward. Since MillionPugs finds deals for you and automatically proposes a deal when you shop, using the platform saves you the time and effort you would spend searching for relevant offers.

image 4 MillionPugs extension: does it work?

Step 4: Exchange pugs™ for in-game content

When you collect an adequate number of pugs™, you just need to click on the desired item on the games page and follow the instructions.

The process is straightforward and quick. Once you purchase in-game content, you will receive the code right away on the current page and in your mailbox. Then you can activate the content using this code.

Nevertheless, you don’t have to activate the code right away. Also, you don’t have to worry that you accidentally delete an email containing the code. You can always go to the My Codes Page to see all the Codes you possess.

Hard-earned pugs™ can be exchanged for Doubloons, Admiral’s Asset or Petty’s Officer Pack for the World of Warships, Skins Pack for Heroes & Generals, and other in-game items. The selection of content to purchase is growing, so it is advisable to check it out regularly.

MillionPugs security: is the extension safe to use?

As for the security of the MillionPugs browser extension itself, it collects only data about your website browsing activities to determine whether you are on a page that offers pugs™. It uses this information to track your shopping session, credit pugs™ earned by you and allow you to use them to purchase in-game items.

Also, the website browsing activities data may be used to identify additional websites with which may seek a partnership. Therefore, it can be used to improve the MillionPugs service and find more places to earn pugs™ in the future.

All in all, the MillionPugs extension is perfectly safe and doesn’t intrude on your privacy. You can read the whole Privacy Policy at

What are the MillionPugs rewards?

As already mentioned, MillionPugs is a brand-new cashback rewards platform still growing. Currently, it offers diverse in-game content and is planning to extend this list in the near future.

What games are included?

As for now, by using the MillionPugs extension, making deals, and collecting pugs™, you can get in-game content for games such as:

  1. World of Warships,
  2. Heroes & Generals,
  3. Kards,
  4. Gwent: The Witcher Card Game,

In the upcoming weeks or month, MillionPugs is going to add to this list games such as Leeague of Legends, EVE Online, Legends of Runeterra or Valorant.

Moreover, gamers have an option to suggest which games are missing on this list. They can either reach out to MillionPugs or the Community Managers if they’d like their favorite games to accept pugs™.

What rewards can be obtained?

Each game comes with different in-game content you can exchange for pugs™:

  1. World of Warships enthusiasts may get effortlessly Doubloons, Premium Ships, Petty’s Officer Pack, or Admiral’s Asset,
  2. Kards gamers may use MillionPugs to get Officer’s Pack or Light & Base Pack easily,
  3. Heroes & Generals players may get Skin Packs or Machine Carb.
  4. Gwnet players may get Kegs, Meteorite Powder, or Ultimate Starter Pack

The above list is just a concise example of the platform’s capacity. Moreover, the list of rewards evolves and new items are added along with the latest games on the list.

image 5 MillionPugs extension: does it work?


How to maximize the MillionPugs extension’s benefits

Using the MillionPugs extension is beneficial itself. However, there are also a few things that can be done to maximize the benefits of using the browser extension instead of using just the MillionPugs platform.

Download and install the plugin

Although you don’t need to install the MillionPugs plugin to use the service and can entirely rely on the platform, downloading it comes with an additional welcome bonus.

Using the extension also prevents you from missing any deals, as pop-ups will appear automatically when you visit the appropriate stores.

Check out special deals

MillionPugs prepares special deals for its users on a regular basis. They are easily accessible at MillionPugs/games under the tag “special offers”. They are usually time-constraint, so you need to be attentive in order not to miss out on any opportunity.

image 6 MillionPugs extension: does it work?

Follow 5 quick steps to earn free pugs™

To start on a good note, MillionPugs have prepared for the freshmen 5 quick steps to earn free pugs™ such as:

  1. Signing up (known as a welcome bonus).
  2. First, visit one of the listed stores.
  3. First shopping.
  4. Adding extension (additional welcome bonus).
  5. Streak reward after making 5 purchases.

Each step provides you with an increasing number of pugs™. Signing up fills up your account already with 500, first shopping with 750, and streak reward with 2000 pugs™. It is more than enough as a starter pack to check out the platform and try out different in-game content.

Utilize the MillionPugs extension regularly.

MillionPugs collaborate with more than 850 diverse brands from all industries. Therefore, whether you buy decorations for your new house, order groceries at Walmart, food at Grubhub, or buy clothes at GAP, don’t forget to use the deals available.

If you use the MillionPugs extension, shop, and make deals regularly, you will get special rewards assigned to your account, such as additional pugs™.

All in all: is the MillionPugs extension worth it?

As you can see, the MillionPugs extension is a helpful tool that can provide you with valuable in-game content with no effort from your side. Especially if you frequently shop online and play games.

Remember that the number of pugs™ you can get and how much in-game content you can afford depends on how often you spend and where you shop online the most.

At the very least, you can download the MillionPugs extension and give it a try. Reviews of the extension and platform unanimously prove its high value and quality and ease of usage, so it is definitely worth a shot.

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