Minecraft – Buildcraft modification. Drilling rig. The advantages of this device

As for the drilling rig from the Buildcraft modification, we can say that it is an ideal assistant in the initial stages of playing Minecraft, when there is no way to automate many useful actions. If a person does not want to dig into the rock in search of various kinds of ores, then the use of a Buildcraft drilling rig will be of great benefit in automating the process of mining all the blocks located under this device. The exception is liquids such as water and lava – the drilling rig will not be able to extract them. But this is not scary, because if the drilling rig stumbles upon, for example, lava during its operation, then you can simply demolish this device and put a pump in its place, which will just pump out this very lava. But what about the benefits of a drilling rig?

The advantage of drilling rig No. 1 is unpretentiousness in terms of energy consumption

Any Minecraft player, when playing with the Buildcraft modification, will definitely create a certain number of stone engines that produce energy by burning charcoal or coal. And just the drilling rig is very suitable to power it with this kind of engines. Or rather, the engine. Yes, exactly one. It is not advisable to feed the drilling rig with the energy of several engines, because in this case it will quickly carry out the work assigned to it for the extraction of blocks located under this device. In fact, it is possible to power the drilling rig with the energy of just one stone engine. Someone might think that in this case you will have to spend a lot on coal, but this is not so. Why? Yes, because to complete all the work of extracting stone and ores, a drilling rig will need energy generated by a stone engine from only three units of any coal. That is, you can put 3 coals in a stone engine, substitute it to the drilling rig, turn on the engine and go about your business, and after a few minutes come to the installation site of this useful device to collect the resources it has extracted.

Advantage of drilling rig No. 2 – no need to use additional pipes

This plus is expressed in the fact that if you substitute any chest to the drilling rig to any side except the bottom, then this device during its mining work will automatically place all mined items in the chest. And it applies to everything in general. For example, if a person plays with a modification that adds the ability to find stone beehives with stone bees, then during its operation, the drilling rig can transport not only the mined stone and ores, but also stone bees that have fallen in its way into the chest. There is no need to put a wooden transport pipe to the drilling rig with a redstone engine connected to it, because you can just put the chest next to it and that’s it – objects will absolutely fall into it.

The advantage of drilling rig No. 3 is the possibility of its flexible use for the extraction of ores by the most efficient methods.

This kind of plus is expressed in the fact that the drilling rig can be used to create efficient mines. An efficient mine is when the rock is not cut massively, as with a device called a “quarry”, but with the least amount of stone mined and the highest percentage of blocks checked for all sorts of values. This suggests that the rig should be used in an efficient mine digging manner, rather than arranging dozens of rigs next to each other like a quarry. True, it is worth mentioning that the drilling rig extracts rock only which is clearly under it. The drilling rig does not check the side blocks – the player will have to do this operation on their own.

The advantage of drilling rig No. 4 is the ability to quickly descend through blows on drill pipes

Continuing the theme of using efficient shafts, one might have a question regarding how to view the sides of each effective shaft if the drilling rig is dismantled and the drill pipes left by it, laid from the beginning of this device to the bedrock, disappear. In this case, you need to dig a two-cube hole on the side of the drilling rig and start looking at the sides of the effective mine. If there are no ores at some height, then one should simply strike down the drill pipes, and they will instantly break. In this way, an efficient mine can be checked for ores in record time. But it is worth considering that an effective mine must consist of at least two blocks in a horizontal section so that sunlight can enter it. So it is beneficial to craft two drilling rigs at once, two stone engines and two chests, so that in a short time and using only six units of any coal, create one effective vertical type mine.

The advantage of drilling rig No. 5 is a meager amount of resources to create this mechanism

This plus can even be called somewhat of a cheat, because a drilling rig can be created with only 13 iron ingots, 6 sticks, a piece of red dust and four blocks of cobblestone in your inventory. So this is more likely not a plus, but a certain minus. Why minus? Yes, because the more difficult it is to create an item, the more interest it causes among players. Complex crafting recipes make you spend hours fiddling with the search for the necessary components. And when it takes only a little more than a dozen iron ingots to create a beautiful device, then this is somehow not very interesting. This alignment in “Buildcraft” is present, most likely for the reason that the developers of this modification assumed that few people would use the drilling rig as a good helper for quickly creating vertical efficient mines.

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