Minute of Islands download torrent For PC

Minute of Islands download torrent

Size: 1.84 GB | Seeds: 482 Lychees: 41

Minute of Islands download torrent of an exciting hand-drawn game released on June 14, 2021. It’s an arcade adventure game with tons of dialogue and cutscenes. Start your journey right now, passing amazing puzzles and mini-missions. Explore the ephemeral world from A to Z, making your way through all the obstacles that meet you. Become the character who can find valuable items and return with them and a rich inventory. You need these items to repair the fictional world.

Game process

Throughout the game, the main character will travel through the ephemeral world and try to fix it. You play as a mechanic who wants to “repair” the world and fix it from all sorts of troubles and problems. You will have a rich inventory at your disposal, in which you can put anything you want. Collect various items and valuable artifacts along the way that you may need. The main character is an experienced master who can really change the world and improve it to the maximum. There are a lot of plot puzzles, but there are also additional quests and mini-missions. They branch off the plot a bit and are optional. Get to know the truth of the fictional world, constantly trying to repair it. The game tells an interesting storytelling story with a poetic, prose atmosphere. Read the text at the bottom of the screen, represented by subtitles. Delve into the thoughts of the main character and everyone who meets you on the way. The world is huge and you need to explore it entirely. The graphics are attractive, hand-drawn and showcased through the Omni Switch. The story is narrated by actress Megan Gay. She is a popular American voice actress. In the game, you will go around the entire island, find a lot of artifacts and be able to understand the true cause of the problems in the world. But, it will be much more valuable to figure out how to fix it. The gameplay is unique, convenient and comfortable. True, there is a problem with jumping. Especially on ledges, because of which you can often stumble and fall down.

Minute of Islands features

  • arcade adventure game;
  • interesting story;
  • professional voice acting from the actress;
  • fascinating storyline;
  • many mini-quests;
  • research of territories;
  • passing exciting puzzles;
  • collection of items.

Download the Minute of Islands torrent and enjoy the game to your heart’s content.

System requirements

  • ☛ Operating system: Microsoft Windows 7 (64-bit) or newer
  • ☛ Processor: Dual Core at 2.5 GHz
  • ☛ RAM: 8 GB RAM
  • ☛ Video card: NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M / ATI Radeon HD 5570 with 1 GB VRAM
  • ☛ DirectX: Version 11
  • ☛ Free hard disk space: 2.3 GB


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