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Mirror’s Edge download torrent

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We advise you to download Mirror’s Edge from the torrent, a first-person parkour simulator with elements of a real action movie. An extremely innovative project for its time, which made more than one hundred young people engage in acrobatics and jumps in all corners of the globe.

Story line

The world has plunged into total control and absolute power of the ruling class. People live according to clearly imposed rules and laws, no freedom of action and alternative views. Democracy does not even smell and pro-government structures control every step of a person, including his personal correspondence and movement around the city. The main character, a beautiful Asian woman named Faith, works as a so-called “runner”, whose task is to deliver secret information from point A to point B. This is one of the few ways to deal with the ruling regime, and such postmen are very persecuted by the authorities. Faith has excellent physical skills, good combat training and a specially built-in chip in her eyes, allowing her to see the environment from a slightly different angle. Her task is simple – not to be caught and to contribute to the fight against tyranny.

Game process

By downloading Mirror’s Edge from a torrent and completing a training mission, you will be given a clear understanding of what this game is like. In fact, all levels come down to crazy races with elements of acrobatics, crazy jumps and rolls. The first-person view gives this whole thing a special zest, since when you control Faith, you almost feel her state. Rapid breathing, clouding in the eyes from fatigue, arms and legs flickering in the camera – all this creates the impression of the reality of what is happening. The world cannot be called open, it is clearly structured into sections and levels. But you can choose almost any route that will somehow lead you to the goal, and this brings a grain of variety to what is happening. Although often there is a feeling that the game leads you along a strictly defined route, creating the illusion of freedom of choice. But it is not important! Rushing through the level, jumping over ledges and ledges, and listening to the whistle of the wind in your ears is just an unforgettable feeling. This part of the game is made, without exaggeration, magnificently and captures not like a child. Management is responsive and obedient, the camera is comfortable, the feeling of freedom and spaciousness. Another and important part of the game is the fights with opponents. Hits and tricks are perfectly combined with jumps and tackles, the mode of slow time perception makes the fights spectacular and beautiful. There are also weapons, but it is rather for show. You can take the gun from a battered policeman, but the fragile and agile Faith is not particularly drawn to a soldier. Firstly, the weapon is heavy and decently reduces the speed of the heroine, and secondly, the cartridges are not scattered at the levels, it will not be possible to replenish the store and running with a gun is simply not effective.

Mirror’s Edge Features

  • Uniqueness. There are only a few such games, and especially those made of such high quality. An interesting and, most importantly, new gaming experience. Fans of speed and drive will definitely like it;
  • Main character. To manage the beautiful Faith is pleasant and a pleasure. Her movements are plastic, her character is firm, and strength and confidence are felt in the body of a fragile girl. You worry about her and get used to the image of a clever postman with your head;

Download Mirror’s Edge from the torrent without hesitation if you are looking for something new and interesting. At one time, the game made a splash and was extremely highly acclaimed by critics. If you are not yet familiar with this modest diamond of the gaming industry, then we strongly recommend that you correct this misunderstanding.

System requirements

  • Operating system: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
  • Processor: 3.0 GHz
  • RAM: GB
  • Video card: GeForce 6800
  • Hard Disk Memory: 8GB



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