Mission Zero: NetEase’s Mobile Hitman Prepares for CBT

Publisher NetEase Games announced when the next Mission Zero beta test will take place.

NetEase Games is at the forefront of the planet when it comes to unofficial ports. One such project is Mission Zero, a mobile alternative to Hitman. The game offers multiplayer battles in a 2v4 format. In fact, one team takes on the role of undercover agents, while the other is the enforcers of order. The first to complete tasks at locations and not expose yourself. But even if they are caught, then after the first blow, you can still try to hide.

If you believe Chinese market, then the beta test for Mission Zero will take place in January next year. We expect the submission of applications and the CBT itself to be done for local gamers. Only they are already tired of waiting for what can be seen in the comments under the post.

As for the gameplay from the last beta test, in addition to weapons, detectives have superpowers. For example, a dash towards the enemy. And the victims, or rather the agents, can block the door through which they ran.

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