MMO Chaos: Immortal Era Launch Codes Available

Mobile game Chaos: Immortal Era is available in Russia and probably in other countries. It has typical Asian gameplay.

Chaos: Immortal Era – MMO for smartphones, where you choose 1 of 5 classes, each of which is aimed at dealing damage; I am glad that the developers have divided them into difficulty levels, which will allow you to make the right choice. The only pity is that after the start of the game you realize that no sound effects from the word “absolutely”, only rarely can you hear the sounds of wings and spells; meanwhile, calm oriental music will play in the background.

Since Chaos: Immortal Era is a mobile MMO, then gameplay automatic, all you have to do is collect rewards, buy VIP status, and watch your overall character level up. In Chaos: Immortal Era there is no open world, but you can create a clan or even get married. Well, the most advanced players will take part in a massive PvP battle, for which they will receive an exclusive title, custom artifacts, golden mounts, and so on.

Promo codes for Chaos: Immortal Era

  • VIP777;
  • FREEVIP10;
  • MM0777;
  • UP0920.

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