MMO ChimeraLand launched regionally on smartphones

Publisher Level Infinite (a global subsidiary of Tencent) has released ChimeraLand on iOS and Android, but not everywhere.

ChimeraLand is a mobile MMORPG with the ability to play in Western countries, and on both mobile platforms. Unfortunately, not everyone will like it, because creating a character and landing in a certain place on a huge map looks like it was done either on the knee or in 2006. You should expect an open world with beautiful locations and lighting, as well as elements of survival.

In ChimeraLand, players can build a shelter and defend themselves against prehistoric lizards on hovering whales; everything is a match for Eastern mythology, since a Chinese studio is responsible for the development of this game. One of the interesting features of ChimeraLand is the ability to create a unique pet, for example, a horse with wings (in other words, Pegasus). Of course, before that you need to catch and tame the animal. I note that the Android version of ChimeraLand may not work after downloading the APK bypassing Google Play. If you encounter such a problem, we recommend that you create an account in a suitable region.

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