MMORPG Archeage Mobile will support crypto and NFT

The Korean company Kakao Games is going to restart the mobile MMORPG and capitalize on the hype around the cryptocurrency.

After the cancellation of ArcheAge Begins in 2018, the developer XLGames thought: “What’s next?”. After Kakao Games took this studio under its wing, it was only a matter of time before the universe continued on smartphones. Now Korean editions They say that ArcheAge Mobile is currently in development, and with NFT support. It is not for nothing that the publisher has invested money in the BORA crypt before this.

If the developers’ plans come true, it will be possible to own land in ArcheAge Mobile, like NFTs. You could already see something similar in Traha Infinity, where the player controls the territory and receives passive income from it. This scheme is going to be used by the creators of Champion Hunters.

Of course, as in other similar projects, your crypto earnings are limited to investing real funds, otherwise they often offer only limited functionality or “free” goodies that have nothing to do with receiving NFTs. As for the ArcheAge Mobile release date, it is scheduled for the second half or second quarter of 2022. There isn’t much time to play without a teaser trailer.

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