MMORPG Black Desert Mobile Celebrates New Kunoichi Class

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For MMORPG Black Desert Mobile, an update has been released with a new Kunoichi class. The heroine masterfully owns a small blade, can quickly attack and disappear into the shadows.

“A small village of the Oeki clan, lost from prying eyes, located on the banks of the Turin River, became the birthplace of a new Kunoichi class in the world of Black Desert Mobile. Hone from childhood the skill of possession of the short blade, kunai, as well as martial arts and secret skills of ninjutsu, Kunoichi is able to quickly and silently get rid of enemies, “- said in a press release.

It is worth noting that the archetype is visually an exact copy from the PC version, but the skills are still different. Below you can see an overview video of the class:

Also, in honor of the appearance of Kunoichi in the game, many fresh events start, and on May 4, the fourth season of the Path of Glory is expected with a new level of difficulty and valuable rewards.

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