MMORPG Bless Eternal has been released in South Korea

The mobile game Bless Eternal was released on the App Store and Google Play. It offers 5 classes and realistic graphics.

Bless Eternal is an MMORPG for smartphones. While we are talking about the Asian version, the servers of which are already running. You can play as a barbarian, mage, archer, paladin and druid. The developers have added small cut-scenes and auto-questing. Unfortunately, there is no English localization, so the quests and the plot will pass by. It is also strange that during the dialogues, when you miss the character’s statement, he twitches and abruptly changes his position.

To ensure that your Bless Eternal gameplay is not interrupted, the developers have added dynamic loading during the game. But don’t get distracted from the main goal – to increase the overall level of strength. In the description for Bless Eternal, the developers hint at big raids where all classes will come in handy: healers, tanks and warriors.

Your character in Bless Eternal can have a pet, such as a duck or a cat.

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