MMORPG Crowfall has a release date in Europe and North America

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After a protracted pre-alpha, as well as stages of alpha and beta testing, ArtCraft Entertainment studio announced the release date of the MMORPG Crowfall. The game will release in Europe and North America next month – July 6, 2021.

The publisher in Russia and the CIS countries, the company “Innova” has already confirmed that in our region the game will be released in a short period of time after the release of the English version. The exact date is planned to be announced later.

“Crowfall is unique in many ways,” said J. Todd Coleman, Creative Director and Co-Founder of ArtCraft. “We decided to create a game for players looking for a more intuitive, immersive experience. A game in which the world is not limited to stereotyped stories or scenarios. We pride ourselves on the level of enthusiasm and energy we have received from our community right from the start. This support, this belief in what we create, has been critical in making Crowfall a reality. “

Along with the announcement of the release date, the developers have published a new trailer for Crowfall titled Eternal Heroes, Dying Worlds. The video follows the origins of the Dying Worlds and the rise of the Ravens, divine champions who fight to earn fame, wealth and power.

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