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MMORPG Dark Eden M launched in Russia on iOS and Android

Dark Eden M is available for download on both mobile platforms. In it, vampires, humans, and werewolves fight each other for control of the shards of the moon.

Dark Eden M is an isometric MMO that is available in many countries around the world, including the CIS. In it, we choose one of the factions, so that later we can fight on large maps. Unfortunately, the animations and locations look like it’s a browser-based MMORPG, although the same Mad World is much better.

In terms of gameplay, Dark Eden M is a Tamagotchi simulator. That is, we collect loot of different rarity and combine it with special stones to get an improved version. The plot is revealed through text dialogues, but there is no Russian localization – the App Store generally states that the only language is Korean.

By the way, Dark Eden M supports crypto and NFT through the WEMIX eco-system. A little advice – do not chase tokens, but upgrade your character, look for places and ways to get rare gear, which you can then sell to “whales”. Well, do not forget about the commission that is usually taken for converting crypto into real money.

Dark Eden M pre-registration rewards

  • 1,000 medals;
  • Rare transformation trial ticket for 1 day;
  • Trial ticket for a rare pet (1 day);
  • 6 scrolls of transformation;
  • 6 Pet Summon Scrolls.

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