MMORPG Dark Legend has become available for download

A test run of Dark Legend took place in Asia. It is an isometric MMORPG with nice graphics and music, although there are some typical drawbacks.

Dark Legend is a mobile RPG made available in Asia. It is made in an isometric format, it has auto-battles and pumping the general level of the hero’s power. Of the pluses, you can note the music, as well as the graphics. According to the plot, we are participating in a large-scale war between Locke and Odin, while the developers promise an open world. Here you can explore the continent, twilight dungeons, icy mountain peaks and dark forests.

In Dark Legend, players will encounter typical mobs as well as the Gods themselves. From the modes we are offered a certain “Corridor” for gaining experience, bounty hunting and even “Purgatory” with elements of a roguelike. During battles with world bosses, you can call a certain creature for help. The developers promise that any equipment can be obtained through the auction, where players trade among themselves. Well, the cherry on top – global servers with support for PvP battles for 10,000 people.

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Google play (Philippines)Down-load a game

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