MMORPG Elysium Lost is open for pre-registration

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Elysium Lost mobile game is gearing up for a global launch. The developers promise battles for territories, an epic adventure and battles between servers.

Elysium Lost is a mobile MMORPG due out soon. Now pre-registration through Google Play is open for her and TapTap, and on both platforms. The developers promise that they are making a dark fantasy with massive battles and cool graphics. With a local talent system, players will be able to freely switch between roles, as well as create “infinite combinations”.

As for PvP, it will be done in the form of cross-server fights. Those who make it to the top will receive delicious rewards. They will also make a separate island for pets; they probably just improve your stats and vary in rarity. In addition to them, there will be “mounts” for riding, and maybe flying. Apparently, the project is aimed at PvP, because the developers also promise wars for territory. The winner is the one who destroys the enemy crystal.

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