MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV will host The Rising 2022 seasonal event

Square Enix has revealed when the next annual seasonal event, The Rising, will take place in the MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV. It will start on August 27 (22:00 Moscow time) and end on September 12 (17:59 Moscow time).

During the event, players will have access to the Newfound Journey special task, which is taken from the NPC Wandering Minstrel, located in the Uldah – Steps of Nald location (x10.1, y8.4 coordinates). To pass, you will need to reach level 15 of the character. As a reward for completing it, they will give the minion Clockwork Solus, and all the rewards of past years will be available for purchase from the Rising vendor.

Recall that earlier the developers of Final Fantasy XIV shared the details of the upcoming major update 6.2: Buried Memory.

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